Social Media As a Tool to Promote Life

This past week was again a reminder of how precious life is, and how easily it can disappear.

On Wednesday, August 26, Alison Parker and Adam Ward, a reporter and cameraman in Virginia, were murdered while conducting a live TV interview. Reports of the deranged killer’s mental state show a violent, angry individual who needed help. Leading-up to and after his unthinkable act, he documented the carnage, taping himself while doing so, and posting to Twitter and Facebook. The first-person terror he inflicted instantly available on social media to view.

I hope most people never watch it.

Not long after the massacre, posts of another kind were shared and re-shared on social media. The majority of us neither met nor knew of Alison Parker and Adam Ward, but we can catch a glimpse of their lives through the pictures and memories that have been shared about them both. Alison dressed up and smiling with her boyfriend. Adam bending down on one knee to propose to his girlfriend. Both of them dressing in heavy winter coats, getting ready to brave the cold. These are images of lives gone too soon. The everyday things. The special and the mundane. Their lives mattered, and they were loved.

I do hope if anyone is interested in learning more about them, they seek out the truth of their existence, not their demise.

If there’s any question as to the worth of individuals who were never allowed to experience life, another type of social media sharing puts that to rest. As LiveAction News reported this past Monday, Mindy Danison’s Facebook albums of her children are reminders of that worth. You see, Mindy miscarried Riley and Annabelle, who died at the early developmental ages of only seven weeks and eight weeks. Also reported by LiveAction News:

Eighty nine percent of abortions occur in the first trimester, when many babies look just like Riley and Annabelle. At only seven to eight weeks old, babies can touch their faces and their feet. At this stage of gestation, preborn babies can squint and roll over, and their hindbrain “presents striking resemblance to that of the newborn.”

To see the humanness of the unborn at this stage is nothing short of awesome and heartbreaking.

Here is Annabelle:

annabelle 2

At this age, the baby is about as small as a thumbprint. There will be no first cry, no first steps, no first anything for Annabelle or Riley, yet Mindy chose to share their precious lives. While many unborn of age 7 weeks and 8 weeks are dumped into the trash at your nearest Planned Parenthood location, these little lives were documented and shared for others to experience. Their lives mattered, and they were loved, not for what they could have been, but for what they already were.

Another type of reality has been shared on social media in recent weeks in the form of undercover videos from The Center for Medical Progress. These show the truth of Planned Parenthood. The butchery they are gladly involved in for profit. They show the lives taken, and the stark brutality which is everyday procedure at PP clinics. It is uncomfortable to watch. It is heartbreaking. I am convinced that we must experience them. Their lives mattered, and they were loved, even just from a distance by us strangers.

Despite the negative aspects of social media, I believe it can be and is a powerful tool to share the precious nature of life. Not just lives that lived decades beyond birth, like Alison and Adam, but the lives of those like Riley and Annabelle. It can also be used and has been used to bring awareness to the many unborn who are discarded for profit. Instead of wallowing in carnage like Wednesday’s killer wished we would, let’s battle against that by not viewing his bloodlust, but by sharing the lives of his victims. And instead of shrugging off the actions of women’s “healthcare” clinics which would prefer we boil down CMP’s videos as products of editing, let’s view them all, and come to terms with and acknowledge the truths they represent. Life is precious regardless of age or contribution, it matters, and it should be shared.



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