Liberal Bias on Campus, Fall Semester 2015

It’s a new school year, and students have already made it back to or will be heading for the first time to college. Among many other things awaiting them on the majority of campuses is one omnipresent truth. These are liberal-dominated arenas, and simply being a conservative means standing out in a place which jokingly prides itself on “open-mindedness” and “tolerance”. Conservatism and higher education are discouraged from mixing. This is known among students and faculty alike.

The United States is split down the middle ideologically, although the mainstream media, Hollywood, academia, and the like are heavily dominated by the Left. According to a Gallup poll from May of this year:

Thirty-one percent of Americans describe their views on social issues as generally liberal, matching the percentage who identify as social conservatives for the first time in Gallup records dating back to 1999.

but also…

In contrast to the way Americans describe their views on social issues, they still by a wide margin, 39% to 19%, describe their views on economic issues as conservative rather than liberal.

By adding social + economic issues, those that lean conservative come out on top overall. But this is hardly the feeling among campuses across the nation.

For some reason, the party of Science™ is convinced they’re the thinkers in the political process, and thus, are convinced conservatives and those that are right-leaning are anything but that. Liberal thinking dominates the West Coast and East Coast, and the poor flyover-country folk waste away in the middle. We’re seen as too religious, perhaps uneducated, out-of-touch, and of course, racist. While the “enlightened” ones insist on diversity among the young who flock to learn each new semester, this is hardly the reality. As seen by the hashtag #MyLiberalCampus, conservative students are a minority, and a silenced one at that. Liberal-leaning professors use their classrooms to indoctrinate, not educate, and, instead of giving students options and allowing them to choose, seek to do away with one side completely. From a July piece in The Hill:

Last fall, Virginia Tech student Lauren McCue was harassed by professors for bringing Bay Buchanan, U.S. Treasurer during the Reagan administration, onto campus to speak about immigration policy. One professor actually called McCue (who is a minority) a racist in front of a lecture hall full of students.

In fact, every school year the national media is inundated with stories of liberal bias from campuses around the nation. Whether professors are railing against free enterprise, teaching students wildly inaccurate lessons on President Reagan, or just telling young people “it’s okay to hate” conservatives, leftist educators seem to be getting more biased every year.

These experiences have left conservative students, like Lauren McCue, desperate for arguments to use when professors attempt to slip these progressive clichés into lectures without being challenged.

“The situation on my campus has gotten so bad, I’m spending my summer break learning how to defend conservative values from professors who routinely trash them in class,” McCue said.

Learning. Higher education. These things should be experiences in which students are allowed to examine their own ideas, and most likely, latch on to new ones. How is this accomplished in a liberal environment? The bullying from liberal academics is another example of the privilege they believe they’re entitled to through dominating our learning environments. And more than that, the “diversity” they prize is in no way actual diversity. True diversity would be allowing students – whomever they are – to engage in and contribute to discussions, regardless of ethnicity, economic status, or ideology. By shutting out the ideological portion of diversity among college kids, you’ve accomplished nothing resembling true learning.

Conservatives who attend college will come across beliefs that challenge their own in ways the mass of liberal students will not. Many may sit in silence as this occurs, all the while clinging to their worldview. Their liberal counterparts, on the other hand, will not be challenged, only coddled, and will emerge with a 4-year degree and the idea that most everyone else believes the way that they do. As seen by the recent poll, that is entirely incorrect.

Those who can should fight the liberal bias on campus, and those of us who are post-college should support and speak out on their behalf. Campus bias is not going away, and with an election coming up, targeting the impressionable college student with liberal indoctrination will only get worse.

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