I Don't Care For Women's "Health"

As a pro-life conservative female, I’ve been labeled a “woman-hater” many times. Not because I actually hate my own kind, but because I share the horrible opinion that unborn life is of great worth, and should be protected from execution by way of abortion. So naturally, that means I hate females. And of course, such an opinion should be met with the worst kind of vitriol, as it sometimes has been. On more than one occasion, it’s been wished upon me to “die in a fire” because of my pro-life stance. These sentiments have always been from liberal females, not males. (But patriarchy is actually the problem, right?)

Aside from the hateful ones who share my gender, but not my viewpoint, the issue of abortion is placed in a strange category. This is the category of women’s health. When I think of healthcare, what comes to mind is a desire to improve a patient’s life through medicine by extending it or making it more comfortable. What does not come to mind is the idea that because one of two patients (mom + baby) hasn’t been officially designated a person and is out of eyesight, they should be exterminated. This says nothing about actual health, but everything about convenience and dismissal.

This is an easy thing to look past, however, because women’s issues are absolutely sacred ground. In the confused world of the American feminist, sexism is everywhere they look. Wages are sexist. Beauty standards are sexist. Movie roles are sexist. Many of these areas are fraught with the ridiculous, but none seems quite as absurd as their desire that men – whether legislators or not – should be barred from discussing reproduction. Nevermind that pregnancy involves a little boy or a little girl, men aren’t allowed to comment on reproductive rights, and thus, labeling it as “health” becomes an even holier sacrament. It is a woman’s thing alone, and how dare you comment on it if you are not one of us.

Some screeching on this account came recently from [mc_name name=’Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-CA)’ chamber=’senate’ mcid=’B000711′ ] in a Huffington Post piece, clearly frazzled by the brave videos from The Center for Medical Progress:

We cannot go back. We cannot turn back the clock on women’s health and women’s rights.

But that’s exactly what Republicans and their right-wing allies are trying to do today.

These are extremists who don’t believe women deserve reproductive health care.

These are extremists who don’t believe women should be able to plan their families.

These are extremists who are willing to deny women cancer screenings, STD tests and other life-saving health care – solely because of their ideological agenda.

Listen closely. Planned Parenthood operates less than 900 clinics. I guarantee you the women of these United States are able to and do seek regular and pregnancy related medical care from providers which do not also provide abortion services. Planned Parenthood is not an essential part of women’s healthcare services, though they’d like you to believe that. For an organization so intent on disproving the worth of another, their own worth is certainly nonexistent. Discounted (and free), essential medical care for women is available at non-PP locations. Any other narrative is entirely false.

One popular outcry from Planned Parenthood supporters involves promoting their other services. “Abortion isn’t all they do!” they say. Such a claim is meant to soothe us so we see the good they do. But it’s too late. If part of your daily practice involves extinguishing the lives of the unborn (and then callously harvesting parts), then no! Absolutely not. Your card of usefulness is null and void.

As a female, I care about women’s health. I care about access to care for myself and others. But I do not care about the “health” of a movement and its lead organization which combines murder + medicine. It is the antithesis of everything we as a society filled with post-birth men and women should stand for. Thankfully, there are more videos on their way from The Center for Medical Progress. They’ll display the women’s “health” which Planned Parenthood proudly promotes. I want no part of it.

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