The Cowardly Women of Reproductive "Rights"

Women? You are fools.

You women who brazenly wave the banner of abortion and label it reproductive “rights”? You are cowards. You collect stolen empathy for being born female, and deem any decision you make regarding pregnancy a “right”. Then you carry on like a victor who has crusaded for equality. Except you’re not. You’re the epitome of selfish, and are everything opposite of what a nurturing, loving woman should be. I, and millions like me, do not join in with you. We stand firmly on the other side, and will fiercely fight you at every turn.

We are sickened by the existence of abortion, and were even more disturbed by the video released this week. Body parts of aborted babies are wares for sale in this great land. The United States of America prizes itself on freedom, just declared marriage “equality”, yet denies the most basic of rights to the unborn. The right to exist.

ISIS blew up a baby recently. In America, we discuss the body parts of unwanted babies over wine and a side salad, and call it progress. I fail to see the difference between these two bloodlusts.

Beyond the frontline suspects, like Cecile Richards and new video star Dr. Deborah Nucatola, there is a vast network of women who promote abortion whenever possible. A supportive arm in the superficial media is women’s magazines. In between the lack of substance and perfume ads, many of these rags will promote the liberal agenda. One such example is Cosmopolitan, of which an ideal use for one of their issues is to prop up an uneven table leg. Upon the release of the video this week, Cosmopolitan quickly surmised it was no big deal. In the piece by Robin Marty titled “That Planned Parenthood Video Isn’t the Scandal Abortion Opponents Are Making It Out to Be”, explanation was given matter-of-factly.

I’ve read the emails. I’ve watched the short-version video. I’ve read the website and the other anti-abortion action groups’ press releases. I’ve even poked through all the primary sources posted so far in the “Document Vault.”

Now, frankly, I’m just going to yawn.

Overall, yes, the video put out by Center for Medical Progress is upsetting and off-putting. The highlights of the conversation were unpleasant, I shuddered when listening to the discussion of how the fetus can be removed, and the idea of a “menu” of fetal tissue and organs that could be procured depending on the gestational age of the pregnancies being terminated and the number of patients who consent to donating is one I hope I never have to encounter again. However, medicine overall is often gory and gruesome. Some doctors become callous to the process, and one person’s “unborn baby’s head” is a physician’s “calvarium.” An anti-abortion activist’s “preborn child” is often “products of conception” to someone who supports the right to terminate.

In the end, it doesn’t matter to abortion opponents if their accusations can hold up to scrutiny or not. The allegations do not need to have evidence to back them up — they only need to have a moment in the media to once more reframe the legal right and ability to end a pregnancy as “the abortion industry profiting off the destruction of human life.”

She’s essentially saying: “Come on, guys. You all have weak stomachs. Medicine is gory. This is all just semantics from the mean anti-abortion people! They want to control the narrative.” Her piece is a convenient dismissal. It is not just how one looks at the situation. Changing “unborn baby’s head” to “calvarium” doesn’t make this sentence come across as anything less than brutal murder: “…an incision is made at the base of the calvarium, and cerebral brain matter is vacuumed out until the calvarium collapses. Then the medical personnel examines what’s left of the ripped apart baby, and see if they can salvage any parts for sale.” No, wording is not the problem.

A programmed mass of women read this and similar rot, nod their heads in unison, and assign bravery to the pro-death crowd. They are thankful for the service of abortion provided at Planned Parenthood locations across the nations. They consider this part of “reproductive health”, and worship at its altar. Thank goodness for those things which drag away, burn, or vacuum up unwanted responsibility.

I am ashamed of this generation of women. I am disgusted that they are given a pass to promote fetal murder because of their gender. The ability to carry a life does not give us the right to extinguish said life. I don’t care if the new life is planned, unexpected, or the result of rape or incest. Women have the privilege of being the safe environment in which a new, separate life grows. The attack on ourselves by ourselves is one of the most egregious crimes this world will ever see.

Pro-life women? We have a precious responsibility. We are required to be vocal about these crimes against humanity, for we are the bearers of the next generation. We are required to speak up. In doing so, we will be labeled anti-woman and anti-choice by a crowd of female fools. We should run into these fights head-on, and armed with the truth of not just science, which confirms life’s beginnings, but with the truth of our gender. It is our duty to end the assault on the most precious responsibilities of pregnancy and motherhood, for it is some of our kind who fought for the right to destroy unborn life in the first place.

We owe it to the future – born and unborn – to passionately fight these fools.



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