University of Missouri President Tim Wolfe wimps out

For the Social Justice Warriors, the responsibility for any offensive act must be pushed up to the highest ranking normal white male1:

U. Missouri president resigns over handling of racial incidents

By Susan Svrluga | November 9 at 12:01 PM

University of Missouri president Tim Wolfe resigned on Nov. 9 following protests and strikes over his handling of racial incidents on the Columbia, Mo., campus. “Use my resignation to heal and start talking again,” he said. (University of Missouri System)

The president of the University of Missouri resigned Monday amid escalating protests over racist incidents on campus and how he had responded to students’ concerns.

Tim Wolfe announced Monday morning at a special meeting called by the Board of Curators, the university system’s governing body, that he would step down immediately.

“My motivation in making this decision comes from love,” Wolfe said. “I love MU, Columbia, where I grew up, the state of Missouri.” But after thinking greatly over the situation he concluded resigning “is the right thing to do.”

Tensions were high on campus Monday — with a student on a hunger strike, others camped out in solidarity, faculty members canceling classes and members of the football team threatening to boycott the rest of the season. In the morning, the MU undergraduate student government association formally called for the removal of the university’s president.

There’s much more at the link.

So, what happened that has cost Dr Wolfe his job?

Was Dr Wolfe a decent President for the University? I really don’t know, but his job performance wasn’t bad enough for the Board of Curators to have met about it prior to the “strike” by the black players on the Missouri football team; that got some attention. How Dr Wolfe was supposed to be responsible for the actions of some people, who may or may not have even been Missouri students, in a red pickup2 is beyond me. but, for the SJWs, apparently he is. How Dr Wolfe is in any way responsible for the death of Michael Brown, 116 miles away, or would have any knowledge about the events beyond what the rest of us can read in the media, escapes me completely.

But, he’s apparently a heterosexual3 white male, and that makes him responsible for the acts of other people who are not under his authority, and thus he had to go! Considering that he was unwilling to fight for his position, perhaps he really should have resigned.

Nevertheless, this incident shows just how poorly American colleges are preparing students for the real world. Payton Head, the Student Government president who had been called the horrible “n” word, will eventually be graduated and have to leave Mizzou to begin a career in the business world, and there won’t be any university president to blame when the next red pickup drives past and someone yells offensive stuff to him.4 He’ll have to just man up5 and get on with his life.6 When he finds himself competing with other people to move up the corporate ladder, to get that next promotion, if he is unable to simply disregard insults, if he gets all flustered and upset, he won’t be able to compete to the best of his ability,7 and he will fall behind. That’s life in the real world! Whining and bitching and complaining does not get you ahead; in the end, it gets you left behind.
1 – Note that this formulation excludes President Barack Hussein Obama from any responsibility whatsoever.
2 – It must have been a Chevy or a Dodge; General Motors and Chrysler make pickups, but Ford builds trucks!
3 – He has a wife named Molly, and two children.
4Mr Head has apparently been called names for being homosexual as well, but the article is unclear as to whether he is actually homosexual.
5Apparently, telling someone to “man up” is offensive at the nearby University of Nebraska-Lincoln.
6 – If an actual threat is made against him, he would have the basis for a complaint to the police, and action could be taken against someone who threatened him, but simple name-calling, regardless of how offensive, is not a crime.
7 – Making complaints to Human Resources that someone is being mean to you might work one time, but it tells the top management that you are an employee who needs to go away.

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