Since When Did Chuck Todd Give a Dang About the Deficit?

I do not know why I watch Meet The Press; I suppose that I have some latent sense of self-loathing that emerges every Sunday morning when I sit down with a cup of coffee. Chuck Todd is the most liberally biased major news anchor in America, and he makes no attempt to conceal his ideology. The interview, nay interrogation, Todd conducted this morning with Senator Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania should serve as exhibit “A” when it comes to Todd’s liberal bias.


Always in favor of higher taxes and bigger government, recently Chuck Todd has conveniently become concerned with the national debt. Toomey, a former Club for Growth official, has long been a fiscally conservative fighter who has sought to cut spending and right-size government. Chuck Todd sought to blindside the senator from Pennsylvania by attempting to use his own record against him. While playing clips of Toomey’s prior comments in Congress regarding the debt and deficits, Todd went on to ask how he could support a tax reform package that will “blow a hole in the deficit.”

I nearly lose it every time I hear a liberal use the phrase “blow a hole in the deficit.” Since when has a liberal like Chuck Todd worried about the national debt? Guys like him were applauding while President Obama doubled the national debt in eight years on nationalizing healthcare, giving bailouts to labor unions, and “shovel ready” jobs to build bridges to nowhere. Now, when reducing taxes is on the table, the Left has started worrying about the debt? Give me a break.

The reality is that tax cuts stimulate economic growth, which drives-up the GDP. By revving-up the nation’s economic engine, real tax reform actually increases revenue to Washington even while people and businesses keep more of their own money in their pockets. This was well explained as the “Laffer Curve” during the Reagan tax cuts in the ’80s; the lower the tax rate, the stronger the economy, thus revenue to government goes-up even as rates come down. That’s because a smaller percentage of a bigger economic pie is better than a bigger piece of a smaller economic pie.


Republicans need to do more to make their tax proposal friendlier to small businesses and middle class families, but they need to pursue tax cuts and reform nonetheless. America is in desperate need of an economic revival, and the hollow refrains of washed-up liberals like Chuck Todd worrying about the debt shouldn’t slow the momentum for one moment.



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