It Sure Looks Like Mr. 'America First' Is Putting Russian Interests Ahead of U.S.

Donald Trump has said time and again that there was “no collusion” when it came to his campaign and Russia during the 2016 election cycle. Further, he has stated repeatedly, he has had no business dealings with Russia. So, it would seem logical that if the intelligence community says Russia interfered in the 2016 U.S. elections, then the president of the United States would have no problem applying sanctions on Russia, which the U.S. Congress has already voted in favor of.


Well, the U.S. intelligence community has said just that. It’s a foregone conclusion that yes, Russia interfered in American elections, threatening the most fundamental principle of our democracy. But, on Monday, Trump and his administration indicated it would not go along with lawmakers’ attempt to target Russian oligarchs with sanctions.

The development came amid reports that a Russian military jet (AGAIN!) came within feet of an American military jet. Oh, and by the way, there’s apparently a Russian spy ship sitting just off the coast of North Carolina. All of this is happening while the U.S. president, who has publicly praised Putin times, says it would be a good thing if he gets along with Putin.

Newsflash, President Trump. Putin is not your friend. He is pretending to be on your side because, for all we know, you and your businesses owe Russia and its oligarchs a s***ton of money, and he’s using that leverage to control you like a puppet.


If there truly is nothing to this Russian collusion, then why not sign the legislation that was approved by congressional lawmakers of both parties? Sanction Russian oligarchs. Send the Kremlin a message that American democracy is not up for sale. Not now. Not ever.

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