Twitter's Jack Dorsey: New 'Rules' Coming 'in the Next Few Weeks'

Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey took to his own platform late Friday night to announce new “rules” that will take effect on the social media site “in the next few weeks.”


In a series of tweets, Dorsey wrote the following:

We see voices being silenced on Twitter every day. We’ve been working to counteract this for the past 2 years. We prioritized this in 2016. We updated our policies and increased the size of our teams. It wasn’t enough. In 2017 we made it our top priority and made a lot of progress. Today we saw voices silencing themselves and voices speaking out because we’re *still* not doing enough. We’ve been working intensely over the past few months and focused today on making some critical decisions. We decided to take a more aggressive stance in our rules and how we enforce them. New rules around: unwanted sexual advances, non-consensual nudity, hate symbols, violent groups, and tweets that glorifies violence. These changes will start rolling out in the next few weeks. More to share next week.


After all, Twitter would know something about “voices being silenced,” seeing as how it silenced one pro-life, Republican congresswoman recently for simply pointing out the fact of what the baby slaughterhouse Planned Parenthood allegedly did, and most likely still does.

And then there’s the case of actress Rose McGowan, whose account was temporarily suspended after she tweeted about alleged serial rapist and sexual harasser Harvey Weinstein. Twitter now says it suspended McGowan’s account because her tweet included a private phone number, “which violates our Terms of Services.”

Meanwhile, the social media platform has allowed radical Islamic extremist accounts as well as neo-Nazi sympathizers to continue to spew hate and incite violence.


One Twitter user pointed as much out to Dorsey on Friday night, saying, “Why do you verify guys like Richard Spencer? What signal does that send? Who are you helping by doing that?”

Dorsey responded by saying that Twitter is “reconsidering” its verification policies, but that they are “not as high a priority as enforcement.”

Going forward, Dorsey promised to be more “a lot more transparent in our actions to build trust.”

The Twitter co-founder added that his company “needs to do a better job at showing that we are not selectively applying rules.”

Um…yeah, you do, Jack.


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