Water Cooler 04/18/19 Open Thread; SMH THERE'S NOW 24 OF THEM !!!! (Faces Of The Democratic Party)

This Is Really Beginning To Feel Like A Zombie Movie

Yeah that’s right. There are now 24 Democrats that are on the radar for the 2020 presidential election. 18 have officially announced they are running. 6 more are in the likely to run category.  Let’s get the scorecard updated before we move on to the Clown Of The Week.



  1. Booker (Cory) (AKA Spartacus)
  2. Buttigieg (Pete)
  3. Castro (Julian)
  4. Delaney (John) (AKA Forrest Gump been running since 17)
  5. Gabbard (Tulsi)
  6. Gillibrand (Kirsten)
  7. Harris (Kamala) (AKA Willie Brown’s Mistress)
  8. Hickenlooper (John)
  9. Inslee (Jay)
  10. Klobuchar (Amy)
  11. Messam (Wayne)
  12. O’Rourke (Robert) (Kiss me I’m not Irish)
  13. Ryan (Tim)
  14. Sanders (Bernie)
  15. Swalwell (Eric)
  16. Warren (Elizabeth) (1/1024 a candidate)
  17. Williamson (Marianne)
  18. Yang (Andrew) (Signature Issues: Robots and NAZIs, no I am not kidding)


  1. Abrams (Stacey) (AKA Georgia’s Emperor Norton)
  2. Bennet (Michael)
  3. Biden (Joe) (AKA Creepy)
  4. Bullock (Steve)
  5. Moulton (Seth)
  6. Schultz (Howard) (Starbucks is still not woke enough)

This is the first time I have seen clowns come in a minivan. Since they have deigned to step up to the plate and provide us with so much amusement, it seems only fair to repay the favor and do the same for them. Most of these people don’t have nick names and many of the ones that do could have better ones. Why not contribute to the cause in the comments and do your part in pinning the tail on the donkey.


With so many in the fray, I want to make certain I address those that are of interest, so if you have someone of particular concern that hasn’t been done already, post in the comments. I’ll be glad to do the write up of the most popular next week


Drink up That’s it for the Watercooler today. As always it’s an open thread


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