Water Cooler 1/24/19 Open Thread; The Left Loves Science It's A Shame They Have No Understanding Of It

The Left’s Oh So Scientific Arguments To Justify Baby Killing

We hear it all the time the left is the party backed by science and on the right side of history both to borrow an anglicism enough to leave you “gobsmacked”  when you consider the colossal idiocy wrapped up in those blithe assertions. Instead of being informed by science the left seems to have done the equivalent of watching a morality play and taking nothing more away than “boy weren’t those effects something”. Let’s take a look at where they are on the most fundamental issue of life ,and take it apart.


Life Doesn’t Begin At Conception

Well scientifically speaking that’s exactly when it does begin. Anyone saying otherwise is a liar, ignorant of what it means to be alive or some combination of the two.

From Dictionary.Com

Life : the condition that distinguishes organisms from inorganic objects and dead organisms, being manifested by growth through metabolism, reproduction, and the power of adaptation to environment through changes originating internally.

When an egg is fertilized its metabolism fires up, it begins rapidly dividing and adapting to it’s environment, in short it’s alive.

Well It May Be Alive But A Fetus Is  Just A Clump Of Cells And Or It’s Not Human

Whenever I hear someone say a baby is just a clump of cells, I always want to answer back with “And you’re just an ugly and annoying clump of cells does that give anyone the right to kill you ?”.  Claiming that a baby is a clump of cells is just a sad, rhetorical device that shows the person using it isn’t thinking. If they are otherwise intelligent there is likely some outside reason they have deliberately chosen not to notice the obvious.

Calling babies not human takes it to whole new level. Just what is it ? An Ardvark ? It has human DNA, human tissues, human parents there’s no meaningful way anyone can declare a baby not human without declaring vast numbers of people in the world not human either. You can only wonder just what tests they want to impose for inclusion in the Human Race.


The Baby Is Not A Separate Entity From The Mother.

This one usually of the form “A baby isn’t actually a part of the mother and you wouldn’t stop someone from clipping a toenail would you”.  Well by that logic people shouldn’t be considered separate entities from their houses or apartments, and if there is a need to remodel well just too bad. You can also ask if they were asleep in highschool biology . The baby is separated from the mother by the placenta, it is genetically distinct from the mother, this is why amniocentesis is done, you can’t just look at the mother, and it has it’s own circulatory system, blood type and immune system.

BBBut It’s Her Body Her Choice

Well we have already demolished the idea that a baby is just fingernail. The baby is a separate individual but obviously dependent on its mother. Just how much choice should there be there. Should it be easier to kill a child than it is to evict a nonpaying tenant in NYC ?  OK it’s a much more intimate level of support and not completely comparable. So, just how much support should a mother be asked to provide for her child or the father for that matter. Fathers are forced to pay child support until the age of majority for the child and either parent can and will face charges of child abuse for harming their minor children. This is no different.

But What If It’s Needed To Save The Mother ?


We aren’t talking about that. We aren’t talking about killing a child because there is a medical reason. . But if we were it’s only a case in 1/500 to 1/1000 abortions.


rape 0.3 % (0.1-0.6 %)
incest 0.03 % (0.01-0.1 %)
PHYSICAL LIFE OF MOTHER 0.1 % (0.01-0.2 %)
physical health of mother 0.8 % (0.1-3 %)
fetal health 0.5 % (0.1-1.0 %)
mental health of mother ?? (0.1-8 %)

–too young/immature/not ready for responsibility


–to avoid adjusting life

–mother single or in poor relationship

–enough children already

–sex selection

–selective reduction

98.3% (87-99 %)

–? (32 %)

–30% (25-40 %)

–? (16 %)

–? (12-13 %)

–? (4-8 %)

–0.1% (<0.1-? %)

–0.1% (<0.1-0.4 %)



I really just want to punch people that say this and ask them did you feel any pain ?

By this time there should be no argument that babies feel pain when they are killed. It’s not an issue and if someone says they should be rebutted so forcefully that not only will they forevermore feel the pain from having said it, but it will be passed down for several generations.

Experts Tell Congress Fetus Feel Pain At 8 Weeks

If you look at the above it’s a classic example of “For evil to prevail it takes good men to do nothing”. We let the left claim the highground of science because we know this is fundamentally a moral issue, but we can’t allow them their safe space. Science doesn’t define morality, it only tells us what and how never why. We need to rip off their mask and expose the darkness that infests their souls and this is nothing but cowardice, and a failure to become adults on their part


Drink up That’s it for the Watercooler today. As always it’s an open thread


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