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Always Be Prepared Has The Boy Scouts Set To Hand Out Condoms At Their Jamboree

Remember the old image of the Boy Scouts  ? Clean cut kids diligently pursuing merit badges so they could learn the values of hard work, personal achievement and responsibility ? Well the left has finally put a stake through it’s heart, cremated the body and buried the ashes at a crossroads. All that remains of that once proud institution is a foul creature with hair in unnatural hues, and no connection to anything wholesome or moral, and seems hell bent on preying upon the young that falls into its clutches. How else can you describe the organization which will be making certain prophylactics are available at their wilderness jamboree ?


The Boy Scouts will reportedly provide condoms at the upcoming World Scout Jamboree.

The World Organization of Scouting Movement handbook requires the host organization to “ensure that condoms are readily and easily accessible for all participants and [International Service Team staff] at a number of locations on the site.”

The 2019 World Scout Jamboree will be held in West Virginia from July 21 to Aug. 1. The theme is “Unlock a New World.”

The World Jamboree is an official World Organization of the Scout Movement event. The Boy Scouts are co-hosting this year’s program with two other scouting organizations, Scouts Canada and the Scouts Association of Mexico.

Andy Chapman, vice chairperson of the World Scout Committee, said the co-hosts are working to implement requirements previously laid out by the World Organization of the Scout Movement.

“The World Scout Jamboree organizing team has worked with the co-host countries to align these requirements, which have been in place for the past two World Scout Jamborees, in a manner that is respectful to local laws and preferences,” Mr. Chapman said in a statement.

—The Washington Examiner

Taking a horde of kids into the woods, with gay adult “leaders”, then making condoms available. This is what an organization looks like after it has been gutted by the left.


How Did You Celebrate The New Year ?

Well if you were New York City, you found new ways to put the screws to your residents.

NYC has decided the 16% of its population that hasn’t been harassed into not smoking yet and can still afford cigarettes (A pack of smokes goes for $13 in the city thanks to taxes), should have even fewer places to buy them.  Now its citizens won’t be able to buy smokes at pharmacies or groceries with pharmacies.

December 27, 2018 — Today, the Health Department announced a milestone in the City’s efforts to reduce the rate of smoking: in January, cigarettes and other tobacco products will be prohibited from being sold in all New York City pharmacies, including supermarkets and big-box stores with a pharmacy section. E-cigarette sales were banned in pharmacies last August, when the City’s new e-cigarette retail license went into effect. Both policies are part of a package of legislation signed into law by Mayor Bill de Blasio in August 2017.


I am not a smoker and I can almost buy the public health argument, almost!! I can too easily see these busybodies coming after my morning coffee.

However, the “Public Health Argument also doesn’t square with the fact the city is decriminalizing marijuana

NEW YORK (CNN)New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has told top brass at the city’s police department to stop arresting people who are caught smoking marijuana in public, according to a City Hall aide.

Currently, smoking in public can lead to arrest, while possession of small amounts of marijuana can lead to a summons.
This weekend, the mayor told the NYPD to issue summonses for smoking pot in public, instead of making arrests.
Public intoxication is still on the books, by the way.
While the city has seen it in it’s heart to allow people to walk around smoking joints, it has finally managed to criminalize that greatest of evils, the foam plastic cup. Effective 2019 all materials made from polystyrene will be banned. Coffee cups, packaging materials, coolers, can all expect to get the axe for that crime of keeping keeping our beverages hot or cold, and making certain that goods could be shipped without arriving broken.
If you live elsewhere remember to be thankful you don’t get all the government you pay for.


Shamelessly Lifted From Diamondback

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