Water Cooler 12/13/18 Open Thread; It Was Less Paperwork To Just Kill Them

Canada’s Socialist Medical System, Finds It’s Easier To Just Kill Some Patients

In this country we may have differences about how to best pay for medical care, but in general killing people to keep costs down is considered a no no. Not so much with our very polite and civilized neighbors to the north.


December 12, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) – Sick patients in Quebec are sometimes “abruptly” killed by doctors through the province’s euthanasia program with little or no effort to mitigate or relieve the patient’s suffering through non-lethal medical means, a study in an international medical journal is claiming.

“Requests for and provision of MAiD [Medical Aid in Dying] as documented in the chart can occur abruptly and without a documented evolution of the goals of care which may imply that requests for MAiD are not treated as having particular moral considerations but merely administrative or legal ones,” the study titled “Situating requests for medical aid in dying within the broader context of end-of-life care: ethical considerations” states.

“If MAiD is not ethically distinct from other end-of-life practices, then the timing would not appear to add any additional ethical concerns to those already expressed in relation to late discussion of end-of-life care options in general. If, however, MAiD is ethically distinct and should be treated with special consideration, the tendency to avoid, delay or have inadequate conversations about end-of-life care may be especially troubling in the context of their unknown impact on requests for assisted death,” the study added.

The study was published last month in the Journal of Medical Ethics

—Life Site News


What’s striking here are the dogs that aren’t barking. There is no uproar in Canada about this there is no media coverage of the dead. There is no interviews with the families. That sick people who in a moment of weakness are being pushed off this mortal coil is not even generating much of a ripple. It’s a yawn.

What’s more the system isn’t just set up to take advantage of the mentally disturbed but to actually shove them along

Case in point: An ethics opinion by College of Physicians and Surgeons of British Columbia decided that a patient — not otherwise eligible under current law for euthanasia — can become so by starving themselves into an irremediable medical condition. (Assisted-suicide ideologues push self-starvation — particularly targeting the elderly who want to die — under the acronym VSED, “voluntary stop eating and drinking.”)

Moreover, to assure that a patient will stick with VSED long enough to qualify for a lethal jab, a doctor may palliate the symptoms of starvation and dehydration to assist the patient in destroying their own vitality. Once accomplished, death becomes “foreseeable,” opening the door to what is euphemistically known as MAID in Canada, “medical assistance in dying.” (Death-advocates sure do love their acronyms!) From the Policy Options Politiques story (my emphasis):

–National Review


What you see in Canada now is the same thing we have seen in the U.K. where the NHS has refused to allow children to get potentially lifesaving treatment, and throughout Europe where the health services will not only assist in suicide but push it along. This is not aberration , this is the inevitable outcome of abdicating freedom to the government. It takes not much at all for people to cease being human beings, created by God and instead just pesky numbers in spreadsheet columns that a bureaucrat needs to balance.


Drink up That’s it for the Watercooler today. As always it’s an open thread


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