Water Cooler 10/25/18 Open Thread; Make America America Again

Barack Obama Managed A Fundamental Transformation Of This Country And It’s Up To Us To Undo It

Not only did he manage his fundamental transformation, he managed to sneak it past us so that few people notice it and even less talk about it. It wasn’t increased racial polarization, nor was it the damage he did to healthcare and a host of other businesses, and it wasn’t the one letter from the department of education that turned our universities into a mockery of western education and thought. It wasn’t having an AG that armed the cartels, and when tasked with prosecuting the largest theft in history said “Whoops waited too long and they were too big to jail anyway”. It wasn’t having an IRS that couldn’t find records, or consistently administer the law. It wasn’t turning DOJ lawsuits against businesses into a slush fund for his political pets. He managed to destroy something much more fundamental to our society


When you think of America as opposed to any other country in the world what comes to mind ? Optimism. We have a belief in our selves, we have a belief that our system makes it possible for the individual to succeed, and it’s not just us, people come here from all over the world because they believe they can work and our system will allow them to succeed as well. We believe the system isn’t rigged against us. We believe we will do better for our children. We believe because the other guy wins it doesn’t mean anyone else has to lose. We believe we succeed and fail together.

At least we used to. It was that fundamental optimism that belief in the future that allowed us to have peaceful transitions of power, we knew we were going to build a better future anyway.  If a judge was appointed from the left or the right it didn’t matter because either side would be in service of the law. We had a legal system that we knew was fair and if you were innocent you were innocent. Our political differences were political differences not cause for criminal action or violence. The future was ours because we would build it. We remembered the past and learned from it, more importantly we bettered it.

Now look where we are. have a legal system that daily we see used as an instrument of political vengeance, not for justice or public order. We have high officials that instead of maintaining the public civic order actively agitate to disrupt it. As too many recent events have shown violence is becoming the norm for settling political disputes instead of the exception. We have gone from a society where policy matters were always political disputes and never a criminal issue, to one where the winning of an election can now be made a crime.  Worst of all we have lost hope. Our children no longer believe in the greatness of what we are bequeathing to them, they don’t believe in the country, they don’t believe in themselves, that everyone can win and most of all they have been deprived of that greatest of privileges believing in a hopeful future.


That is the great transformation that Barack Obama has managed on this country. He managed to take hope away from our children. He managed to convince Americans that not only the person who risked everything and worked their a$$ off to build something build it, he managed to convince the next generation that they couldn’t do it. That privilege and cheating were the only ways anyone got ahead. The point could hardly be argued after all he was the perfect example of both privilege and cheating. He produced a generation of Americans that reject the evidence of their eyes that freedom and the ability to take risks make everyone wealthier in favor of socialism a system that has done nothing but destroy the societies it has infected ( Gallup 55% of millennials favor socialism).

He didn’t put all the pieces in place but what he did was rub our face in them and make it impossible to ignore them. He made it impossible for the young who had never had the experience of seeing our system at its best believe that it was possible. If all you knew of our space program was the NASA of Obama whose task was “Muslim outreach and making them feel good about themselves” would you believe that we could pull off the miracle of landing on the moon despite the dark times we went through in the 60s ? If all you knew of the police were the complaints of Black Lives Matter could you believe that the police were brave men and women that risk their lives to protect others ? If all you know of business is obvious crony capitalists, who owe their fortune to connections in government and bribes to politicians could you believe that capitalism is a system that rewards everyone and makes us all wealthier ? If all that you saw of a president was a man who had no interest in promoting American interests, deliberately perverted the justice system for the benefit of his friends and ruthlessly punished his system, how could you believe we are one  nation and that we succeed and fail together ? Is it any shock or surprise that their generation tries to learn the lessons of how to play the game from those they saw in power ?


This is where we find ourselves now. Recent events can’t help but show how bad things have become. The 60’s and 70s were without doubt more violent  but back then anyone in a position of power that either condoned violence, promoted violence, tried to pervert the justice system or was one tenth as blatantly corrupt as the “Leaders” that do so now, would have been hounded out of office, and they were ( Abscam ) (Alcee Hastings). If we had an invasion heading towards our border we would have closed ranks and chorused NO and then done what was needed to stop it.

This is what we have to bring back to our land. We have to bring our countrymen back to recognizing yes we are all countrymen. We have to drain the swamp so that it’s not who you know, or what you know about someone, instead it’s what you can do and how well you can do it. We need to remove burdensome government so we can grow and our kids can see not only can other people win, they can win and for real as well. Most of all we need to go back to being a nation of hope that believes in the future. That is the fundamental transformation we must accomplish. We need to show the generations coming after us, that yes they can have what worked so well for us, that the future is still theirs to build.


Drink up That’s it for the Watercooler today. As always it’s an open thread



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