Water Cooler 10/11/18 Open Thread; It's That Time Again

And Just What Time Is It You Ask ?

Why it’s time to move the goal posts on GLOBAL DOOM of course. Every time we get close to the last set the U.N. has to move them once again.  If you have forgotten about the old ones allow me to refresh your memory before we move on to the latest.


U.N. Predicts 50 Million Climate Refugees by 2010

Six years ago, the United Nations issued a dramatic warning that the world would have to cope with 50 million climate refugees by 2010. But now that those migration flows have failed to materialize, the UN has distanced itself from the forecasts. On the contrary, populations are growing in the regions that had been identified as environmental danger zones.

It was a dramatic prediction that was widely picked up by the world’s media. In 2005, the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and the United Nations University declared that 50 million people could become environmental refugees by 2010, fleeing the effects of climate change.

But now the UN is distancing itself from the forecast: “It is not a UNEP prediction,” a UNEP spokesman told SPIEGEL ONLINE. The forecast has since been removed from UNEP’s website.

—Spiegel Online

Arctic Ice Gone By 2007 and Ongoing Just About Every Year

BBC December 12, 2007: “Arctic Summers Ice-Free by 2013‚Ä≥

The BBC’s 2007 report quoted scientist Professor Wieslaw Maslowski, who based his views on super-computer models and the fact that ‘we use a high-resolution regional model for the Arctic Ocean and sea ice’. This story was within a more rational story in the Daily Mail.

ABC News, April 7, 2008: “North Pole Could Be Ice Free in 2008‚Ä≥ (source)

Because of the large ice melt in 2007, Mark Serreze, of the US National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC) said “This raises the spectre ‚Äì the possibility that you could become ice free at the North Pole this year.”

— Climate Change Dispatch


The Ice was still there. I am sure they will keep predicting that it will be ice free. Sooner or very much later it will happen, we have been coming out of a glacial period within an ice age and may be heading out of one entirely.

U.K Climate Research Unit Predicts No More Snow (2000)

 In March 2000, for example, “senior research scientist” David Viner, working at the time for the Climatic Research Unit (CRU) at the University of East Anglia, told the U.K. Independent that within “a few years,” snowfall would become “a very rare and exciting event” in Britain. “Children just aren’t going to know what snow is,” he was quoted as claiming in the article, headlined “Snowfalls are now just a thing of the past.”

Well as of 2017 the U.K. was still getting snowed under. (Snow and Ice bring travel chaos to U.K. (dec 2017))

It’s Actually Too Late Already To Stop The Worst Of Climate Change

Actually the amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere today is roughly 390 parts per million (ppm). And that’s not good news. “Experts agree that this level cannot be sustained for many decades without potentially catastrophic consequences,” reports the Geos Institute, an Oregon-based non-profit and consulting firm that uses science to help people predict, reduce and prepare for climate change.

—Scientific American

The above is one of my all time favorites, because as soon as most people heard it, they said screw it no need for all those ridiculous and expensive programs to try and abate it then. Funny how quickly that got disappeared .


Anyway all the above have two things in common. One they are all wrong. Two they are all past their expiry dates and hence no longer scary or profitable. You can’t very well go to congress and demand money to deal with climate doom that didn’t happen. This is why we now have a new one, that’s conveniently twelve years away

Planet has only until 2030 to stem catastrophic climate change, experts warn

(CNN)Governments around the world must take “rapid, far-reaching and unprecedented changes in all aspects of society” to avoid disastrous levels of global warming, says a stark new report from the global scientific authority on climate change.

The report issued Monday by the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), says the planet will reach the crucial threshold of 1.5 degrees Celsius (2.7 degrees Fahrenheit) above pre-industrial levels by as early as 2030, precipitating the risk of extreme drought, wildfires, floods and food shortages for hundreds of millions of people.

I thought we were already done for ? Personally the whole food shortage population bomb got old in the 60s. It’s now 50 years later and you still can’t buy Soylent Green in supermarkets. Even China that has three times the population density we do is not only not engaging in wholesale canibalism, they are self sufficient in food production and able to achieve remarkable increases in their standard of living. Who you going to believe though the doom and gloom experts or the evidence of a billion plus Chinese ?


Anyway just to end this on an appropriate note. I only had room to include the most recent examples but here is one of the oldest.

Father of American Ecology Warns Environment Becoming Unsuitable For Human Life

As early as 1864 George Perkins Marsh, sometimes said to be the father of American ecology, warned that the earth was ‘fast becoming an unfit home for its “noblest inhabitant,”’ and that unless men changed their ways it would be reduced ‘to such a condition of impoverished productiveness, of shattered surface, of climatic excess, as to threaten the deprivation, barbarism, and perhaps even extinction of the species.’

–Google Books Readings In Environmental Impact page 111

1864, Well from a personal standpoint the major environmental of insane racist Democrats seeking to do violence to Republicans seems to be pretty much constant.  So the clock is ticking again, I’ll make a prediction own here, by 2025 the people who made this prediction will have a new one that’s even further in the future than 2030.

Drink up That’s it for the Watercooler today. As always it’s an open thread


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