Water Cooler 08/02/18 Open Thread; How To Deal With The Left's Latest Release Of Stupid

What You Need To Know About Why 3D Printing Isn’t A Gun Issue

There’s a certain inevitable patterns to the left’s attempts to take away people’s rights. One of these is take something new that many people don’t understand, turn it into a boogeyman, continuously frame the issue in the scariest terms possible, and pollute the debate with an endless stream of B.S.. The only way I have seen to combat this is to be able to laugh at them and completely ridicule their positions so they look like either idiots or manipulative connivers.


What 3D Printing Isn’t

3D Printing isn’t a Santa Claus Machine. A Santa Claus Machine was a term that used to be used to describe a machine that would take in raw materials and output finished products of any type. It’s time it made a comeback, when a gun grabber starts to talk about how 3d Printed guns will be a scourge on the land, just ask “Does he think a 3D Printer is some sort of Santa Claus Machine ?”. You can’t just put in a blueprint a hopper of metal and plastic and have a Glock Pop out. It doesn’t work that way. Matter of fact anything that requires complex assemblies is going to require multiple parts, finishing and assembly. Personally I would just rather buy parts and put them together,

What You Need To Know About 3D Printers To Have a Good laugh

Cheap 3D Printers produce cheap parts very expensively.  If you have ever used a glue gun and can imagine it being held by a robotic hand, you know have a pretty good idea of what the current generation of hobbyist printers are. They take low melting point plastics heat them up and force them through a nozzle. Firing a bullet is going to generate temperatures and pressures greatly in excess of what will cause failure in PLA or ABS plastic.


Does anyone care if criminals in search of untraceable guns have them explode when they go to fire them ?

BBBut  This Guy Has Metal Guns

Yes he does, but those are made from 80% complete parts. Not to give this guy free publicity because he has been opening up a front for the gun grabbers, but here’s what the parts look like (Defense Distributed Parts) Here’s a blueprint and a part that is done enough that you can figure out how to finish it without the machine or the instructions.

BBBut the guns can be made by anyone and are cheap how can we control them ?

This is where you really get to laugh. Well then if these guns are going to be so cheap and great that everyone flocks to them, the gun control people should be doing everything they can to promote them.

They would at last shut down the big gun manufacturers that they claim to hate so much as they would no longer be able to sell products at a profit. Just basic economics there. If you could actually produce a quality gun for less money and effort than going out and buying one why would you ?


No need to tell them there’s plenty of guns that can be bought for less than $250 and work better than anything you are going make with a plastic printer.


Drink up That’s it for the Watercooler today. As always it’s an open thread


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