Water Cooler 03/15/18 Open Thread; From fahrvergnügen to Your All Gonna Die; Global Warming Making Winters Colder ??; How long till 2+2 = 4, makes the list of banned speech ?

Be Happy We Don’t Live With European Values, German Court Orders Volkswagen To Rehire Isis Recrutier

Well unless you happen to live in California. Anyway the German employment court has forced Volkswagen to rehire an ISIS recruiter that went around telling colleagues that they would all die.


A German employment court ruled that the automobile giant Volkswagen would have to reinstate an employee they fired in 2016 for allegedly recruiting people to fight for the Islamic State (ISIS) and threatening coworkers. The employee was also connected to ISIS fighters, according to police.

Two of Samir B.’s known associates had travelled to Syria in 2014 to join ISIS and were later killed fighting for the Islamist terror group. In December 2014, the employee was stopped at Hanover Airport before boarding a flight to Istanbul, Turkey, carrying €9,350 and a drone.

Authorities were convinced Samir B. had been planning to travel to Syria to fight for ISIS, and they confiscated his passport, Britain’s Daily Mail reported.

Samir B. also reportedly threatened colleagues, telling them they would “all die.”

—PJ Media

That has to be a fun place to work. Just how much damage could someone wreak using an automated automobile assembly line ?


Clutching at straws again, The Climate Doom People Are Now Claiming A Warming Arctic Is Freezing The Northern Hemisphere.

Is there anything that Global Warming can’t do ? Now it’s pulling a baked Alaska again and freezing the lower 48 while warming the arctic but not the pole ?


Research purports to bolster theories that man-made warming is leading to colder U.S. and European winters, but buried in the paper is an admission undercutting its findings.

The study, published in a “Nature Communications” January 2018 issue, claimed historical data showed an East Coast cold snap is two to four times more likely when the Arctic is abnormally warmer than when the pole is colder. It’s not a widely accepted theory among climate scientists, but the study’s made the rounds in the media, touted as more evidence man-made warming is making U.S. winters colder

Buried in the study, however, is a section on limitations undercutting the mainline findings. JunkScience.com publisher Steve Milloy pointed out the admissions on Twitter

—-The Daily Caller

Undercutting should be read as destroying. When someone says that correlation does not equal causation and they have NO ACTUAL PHYSICAL MECHANISM, they might as well have said magic and Santa’s Elves are at work. The only thing settled about this science, is the typical system better at a race track has a more thorough grasp of cause and effect.


Just how close are we to seeing people shunned and unemployed for saying 2+2=4 ?

In George Orwell’s classic 1984, the main character Winston Smith makes the observation “Freedom is the freedom to say that two plus two makes four. If that is granted, all else follows”. It certainly looks like the left not only embraces the idea but has been working overtime to come up with ways they can stop people from uttering observable and incontrovertible truths.  This time it’s a biology professor saying that men on average are taller than women.

The speaker you’ll see here is biology professor Heather Heying, wife of professor Bret Weinstein. Both Heying and Weinstein left Evergreen State College as part of a settlement deal last year. Heying was making a point about physiological differences between men and women. “Are men taller than women on average?” Heying asked rhetorically. She added, “Does anyone take offense at that fact?”

But before she had even finished her statement, a group of students got up and walked out of the room. As Heying continued to talk about physiological differences between men and women, there was a loud commotion in the back of the room. One of the protesters apparently damaged the sound system on the way out.

At this point, a camera out in the lobby area shows a small group of protesters, one of whom (the girl with purple hair) is led to a seat by a police officer. There are some cuts in the video but she is clearly agitated and says at one point, “Even the women in there have been brainwashed.” She shouts “F**k the police” as she exits a few moments later.

–Hot Air


This is of course Evergreen College, a place where coming into work can get you protested and threatened. It is very illustrative of the left’s modus operandi though. They do not care so much about any particular issue as they demand the right to control speech on any given issue at any given time. The conversation is to be what they say it is.


Drink up That’s it for the Watercooler today. As always it’s an open thread


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