Water Cooler 12/7/17 Open Thread; The EU Making You Wonder Just Who Won WWII ?


When Life Imitates A Bad Movie

A cabal trying to seize all power in Europe, trying to destroy the family as a central part of human civilization  and pursuing a eugenics agenda where they decide who lives and who dies ? Sounds like the sequel to “They Save Hitler’s Head” but it’s not. Welcome to the EU 2017 and their agenda.


December 5, 2017 (Population Research Institute) – The European Union (EU) has warned Poland not to pass any legislation banning abortion in cases where unborn children are living with severe congenital disabilities.

On November 15, the European Parliament (EP) adopted a resolution initiating the formal process for rebuking an EU Member State found to be in “serious breach” of their obligations under the Treaty on European Union (TEU).

The EP alleges that Poland may be in violation of core EU principles with respect to human rights and democratic values. While the EP’s resolution primarily addresses the independence of the judiciary, it also condemns Poland for considering pro-life legislation that would protect the unborn children living with disabilities.

The resolution also calls on Poland to repeal a recent law signed by Polish President Andrzej Duda prohibiting the over-the-counter sale of the morning-after pill without a prescription. Previously, girls as young as 15 were able to obtain the morning-after pill over the counter. The EP’s resolution further calls on the Polish Government to provide free contraception to everyone at the taxpayer’s expense.

The EP further criticized the decision of the Polish Government to cut funding for liberal “women’s rights” organizations, such as the pro-abortion organization BABA Lubuskie Center for Women’s Rights. Left-wing observers have noted with alarm that funds that, under previous administrations, would have been given to pro-abortion groups have instead been awarded to Catholic organizations more in line with Polish traditional and family values.

–Via Life Site


Being a small government conservative, my first instinct is to see this as just one more instance of the necessary   evil of government taking on a life of it’s own and just becoming an evil foisted upon the people it should be serving. There is more here though. This is what happens when you neither believe in the sanctity of human life, the value of human relationships, or anything larger than yourself. People are reduced to little more than cogs in the machine, valued only for their utility and to be denied anything beyond that. Just something to think about when a Democrat touts the way Europeans do things and wants us to be more like them.

Quote of the Day

Experience has shown, that even under the best forms of government those entrusted with power have, in time, and by slow operations, perverted it into tyranny

-Thomas Jefferson


Drink up That’s it for the Watercooler today. As always it’s an open thread


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