Robert E. Lee is in good company, Ghandi is too racist to have a statue as well

Nope this is isn’t click bait I am sorry to say

Turns out even Ghandi manages to tick people off or more likely manages to get into the  sights of attention seekers looking for the ridiculous, or perhaps just the easily offended looking to be offended.


Ghana has said it will remove a statue of Mahatma Gandhi from a university campus in the nation’s capital where it had sparked protests over the leader’s allegedly racist attitudes.

The statue, which was unveiled by Indian President Pranab Mukherjee during his visit to Ghana in June, was meant to symbolize friendship between the two countries, according to Ghana’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs. But professors and students at the University of Ghana called the statue “a slap in the face” because of Gandhi’s “racist identity.” They started an online petition calling for the statue’s removal.

The petition, which had more than 1,700 supporters on Thursday, cited letters Gandhi wrote during his time in South Africa as evidence that he advocated for the superiority of Indians over black Africans. It also took issue with his use of the derogatory term kaffir to refer to native Africans and criticized the lack of statues of African heroes and heroines on campus.

—Time Inc


Well don’t worry Mahatma, even horses are now racist. The USC Mascot Traveler is now under protest because his name is close to Robert E. Lee’s horse Traveller . Traveler is being represented by Mr. Ed esq. who could not be reached for comment. Francis the talking mule did offer comments on behalf of the equine community but they weren’t suitable for publication.

Big takeaways

  1. There’s no pleasing some people
  2. Truth is not only stranger than your imagination, it’s stranger than you can imagine.


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