Water Cooler 8/17/17 Open Thread; The Left Are Not Our Moral Superiors


Been A Fun Week And It Isn’t Over Yet

All this week I have been watching people say that the GOP/Conservatives need to distance ourselves from “American NAZIs/Alt Right” and disavow them by name. BULLCRAP. We can’t get any further away from these people, we are in entirely different moral universes to begin with. Saying we have nothing to do with them just allows the press to associate us with them. It also enables the s***show of the left/alt left acting like they have some right to be the moral arbiters of our nation., which frankly is like watching Ted Bundy pretend to be Miss Manners for dating.


Just where should we distance ourselves or disavow affiliation ?

  1. Should we distance ourselves on eugenics ? Invented by Margaret Sanger, stolen by the NAZIS and to this very day the signature issue of the left. 500,000 + children killed a year, and now they brag they will make a world free of downs syndrome. How will they do it ? Exactly the same way the NAZIs did it, by killing off anyone they find with disease. Just how many people do you know that would have gleefully been killed by these monsters ?
  2. Should we distance ourselves on belief in the individual ? We don’t believe people succeed or fail based on their membership in a race. We believe people succeed on their abilities and by their values. We believe that there are things more important than the individual that motivate them to do more for themselves and others as well. The NAZIS and the Left believe people succeed and fail because of their race. If someone says to you “Race X is conspiring to harm other races”, is that something a conservative, a lefty or a NAZI would say ? All I have to do is pick the X and that could come out of either Hitler’s mouth or Elizabeth Warren.
  3. Violence ? We should distance ourselves from political violence ? Are you damn well kidding me ??? When is the last time you saw a conservative so much as tear down someone’s yard sign ? Our whole philosophy is based on respecting the individual and property rights. The left over the weekend was throwing rocks, hitting people with clubs and trying to set the other left on fire. This while they compare themselves to the heroes of D-Day
  4. We should distance ourselves from people who view the government as the purpose in people’s lives ? That view the government as having the right to regulate and control every aspect of life ? The right to tell you what your conscience should be, how you can exercise your faith, who you can and can’t associate with, what is and isn’t acceptable speech and believes your rights and very existence is determined by the needs of the state, not from a power above and beyond mankind. Once again the Left and the Nazis have zero difference here. Conservatives believe the government derives its power from the people and it’s power is limited by the harm it can cause to the individual. How much farther away can we get ??

These people have no right to make moral demands on anyone. The only correct response to someone wearing a Che Guevara shirt and demanding you disassociate yourself from violent thugs is laughter at their stupidity and sorrow for the damage they do.

That’s the Water Cooler for Thursday 8/17/17. It’s an open thread as always talk about what you like or the topic starter.


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