Water Cooler 05/25/17 Open Thread- DHS: Run Out Of Criminal Aliens?; Denver Decriminalizes Public Defecation To Protect Illegals; Majority in US Distrust Media


Homeland Security “We’re never going to run out of illegal aliens who are also criminals

Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly said Wednesday that DHS is asking for more funding for detention beds in its 2018 budget request because there is no end in sight of the need to temporarily house criminal illegal aliens.

As part of the Trump administration’s budget, DHS asked for another $1.2 billion in funding for 51,379 detention beds.

 Kelly said that increase is needed because while illegal border crossings have been reduced under the Trump administration, U.S. officials are also looking to boost efforts to remove illegal immigrants who have already made it into the interior of the country.

I’ll just note he is peaking of  just the ones who commit crimes in addition to crossing our borders illegally and identity theft.

Denver Decriminalizes Public Defecation And Assorted Other Crimes To Protect Illegal Aliens

This is something of a follow on to the prior story. The narrative is that illegal aliens are here working hard and enriching our economy. If that’s the case it begs the question of why Denver has to do this and why any immigrant would want criminals to remain in the country spoiling their reputation ? The list of crimes having their severity reduced.

  • Urinating or defecating in public
  • Solicitation on or near street or highway
  • Panhandling
  • Unauthorized camping on public or private property prohibited
  • Sitting or lying in the public right-of-way
  • Curfews and closures
  • Storage and loading
  • Prohibitions


You might be tempted to read this as an attempt to accommodate the homeless but the mayor spells it out explicitly.

Together, we are sending a clear message that we will not sacrifice our values or bend to a broken immigration system.

Over the past four months, the White House has issued a series of executive orders that have exacerbated our broken immigration system and have had a real impact on our community. I have heard from many who are rightfully concerned. Denver is committed to taking actions that will protect our people’s rights and keep our city safe, welcoming and open.


Solicitation AKA prostitution is that a job we want done ? Is there a vital need for panhandling ? Denver is a city that will come down on home owners for growing non decorative plants in front of their homes but they are going to liberalize public defecation ? It begs the question who benefits from this ? and if it isn’t you why give it any support ?

Harvard Poll: Majority of Americans Don’t Trust Fake News Media

This might be an effect of being asked to believe too many contradictory things on a daily basis.

More research from liberal universities has confirmed that not only is the media biased against Trump, but a majority of the public doesn’t trust what they read from the mainstream media either. These findings echo a Gallup poll from September that showed only 32 percent of Americans trusted the media.

This new poll conducted by Harvard’s Center for American Political Studies with Harris Insights and Analytics found that that 65 percent of voters believes the media is full of “fake news.” Though the term “fake news” became a rallying cry for Trump voters against the media, the poll revealed that even the majority of Democrats and Independents agreed the news was full of biased or untrue stories. 60 percent of Independents and 53 percent of Democrat voters polled also admitted they couldn’t trust the mainstream media.

—MRC Newsbusters


I personally lost faith with the media once and for all over “Bush Lied People Died” and 24/7 no WMD in Iraq. That is the same Iraq Bill Clinton bombed to take out a chemical weapons plant that was part of a program that didn’t exist.

Quick Hit: Seems Those Insanely Focused Lads At 4Chan Are Claiming A Scalp

Berkeley: College professor arrested as assault suspect

BERKELEY — A former Diablo Valley College professor was in custody Wednesday evening after his arrest Wednesday afternoon in Oakland, according to county records.

Eric Clanton, 28, was being held on $200,000 bail after he was booked into Berkeley City Jail Wednesday evening. He was arrested on suspicion of use of a firearm during a felony with an enhancement clause and assault with a non-firearm deadly weapon.

Berkeley police were not immediately available to confirm any connection between Clanton’s arrest and social-media-fueled accusations within the last month about attacks during at least one of a series of protests earlier this year.

—East Bay Times

What the East Bay Times isn’t covering is that 4Chan (Don’t go there unless wearing asbestos) fingered Clanton as part of their project to identify violent Antifa Rioters. They accused him of being the individual assaulting people with a large padlock during the last Berkley riot. This was based on matching photos of rioters.  While it’s good to see justice being done, you have to ask why he wasn’t taken into custody at the riot and it took an outside group to ferret him out ?



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