WaterCooler 8/25/16; Army Security Training Uses Clinton As Threat Example; U.S. Supports Decreased Immigration Levels; Drug Monopolists Strike Again


Army Security Training Uses Hillary Clinton As An Example Of A “Insider Threat”

The army confirmed that they used as an example of an insider threat.


Maj. Thomas Campbell, a U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command spokesman, confirmed that the photo showed a real training slide that was developed 18 months ago and used locally to teach best practices for handling classified information and maintaining operational security. The training slide has since been removed, he said.

— Washington Examiner

Hillary was in good company as an “Insider Threat” with the likes of , Nidal Hasan, Edward Snowden, Aaron Alexis, Chelsea Manning, and Gen. David Petraeus. You have to wonder who did the most damage out of this rogues gallery, the two terrorists, the traitor, the whistleblower, the indiscreet general, or the woman who sold out the country’s foreign policy.

Support For Decreasing Immigration at nearly 40% of population

According to Gallup Americans hold the following views on immigration.

  • 38% want to see immigration levels decreased, similar to recent years
  • 21% want immigration levels increased
  • Three times as many Republicans as Democrats want it decreased

— Gallup

No big surprises here, but the intensity of the desire is likely not conveyed. If you think about  all the people who were willing to put Trump in the White House over that one issue, it’s clear for those that issue matters, it’s a hot button issue.

Drug Monopolists Strike Again

What happens when you combine lifesaving medicines, crony capitalism and a federal agency meant to “regulate healthcare” ? You get price gouging with a vengeance


EpiPen is sold by Mylan, and the price for a pack of two has increased from about $100 in 2007 to over $600 as of May 2016. Mylan has tried to quell the storm by pointing out that many of their customers pay nothing for the drug because of insurance. Their deflection has been unsuccessful.

The economist looks for competitors in cases like this. A firm cannot just willy-nilly raise their prices without a competing firm leaping in to give consumers what they want at a lower price. As it turns out, Mylan has a great friend who keeps would-be competitors out of the market, or at least makes it so difficult for them that they eventually go out of business. That friend is the FDA.

— The Mises Institute

The salient points here are that the active drug in an EpiPen is quite cheap less than a dollar a dose. There isn’t competition lowering the price, because the FDA has blocked competitors from entering the market on four separate occasions one of which has been blocked twice.

The story gets uglier, when you consider that Heather Bresch  got her job as CEO of Mylan coming from a position as their lobbyist in D.C. and got her initial job with the company by her father pulling strings

Bresch, born Heather Manchin, started at Mylan in 1992. She was hired after her father, then a West Virginia state senator, told then-CEO Mike Puskar that she needed a job. From working in the company’s basement, she moved through the ranks to become Mylan’s chief lobbyist in 2002. In that position, she contributed to the 2003 Medicare prescription drug bill, which barred the federal insurance provider from bargaining with drug companies over prices. She was also key to the passage of the 2012 Generic Drug User Fee Act, which increased inspections of foreign facilities manufacturing drugs for the U.S. market.

— The Intercept


It doesn’t take much to see Bresch’s value to Mylan isn’t great scientific knowledge or business accumen, her Washington connections and influence are what’s bringing the bacon home to her  shareholders. Unfortunately most of us are paying for it.

Quote Of The Day

On some great and glorious day the plain folks of the land will reach their heart’s desire at last, and the White House will be adorned by a downright moron.
— H. L. Mencken

Sure looks like we are giving it our best shot this year


Something different for the quiz this week. Instead of testing general knowledge I’d like to ask people to post about what they feel the Victories of the conservative movement have been, and what are the fights that lay ahead of us in the future.

No matter how this election turns out, there can be no doubt we have a difficult course ahead of us,


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