Water Cooler 7/7/16 Petition To Indict Hillary; One News Media for Me and Another for Thee;


There’s a couple of petitions up to indict Hillary

Charge Hillary Rodham Clinton pursuant to 18 U.S.C. 641, 793, 794, 798, 952, and 1924


Indict Hillary Clinton

I don’t expect much to come of them, but it will be fun to watch the Obama Administration come up with a good explanation why a few million people think his former Secretary Of State needs indicting.

Taking A look At The Left’s Spin Machine Going Into Action

It’s painfully obvious that Hillary got the best justice political power and leverage can get you, but when you’re the evil queen, tip top service doesn’t stop there.  If you’re a Clinton, not only will people lie for you, you have an entire organization set up to frame the lie.

Media spuriously likened Hillary Clinton’s email use to the case of Bryan Nishimura — who was criminally charged with mishandling classified information — after FBI Director James Comey announced the bureau would not recommend criminal charges against Clinton. Media figures seized on Nishimura’s 2015 charges to erroneously characterize Comey’s announcement as a double standard, but, as with the debunked comparisons of Clinton’s email use to David Petraeus’ and John Deutch’s cases, legal experts note that unlike Clinton, Nishimura knowingly mishandled classified information.

—Media Matters

When they say “Knowingly mishandled”, Matters is referring to his plea agreement

According to Nishimura’s plea agreement, he “knew that he was only authorized to view such CLASSIFIED data in digital format on authorized government computers, and was not permitted to remove CLASSIFIED data from such authorized government computers.”

—From the plea deal

So they are right, it isn’t a fair comparison. Mr. Nishimura got a plea deal under threat of prosecution, a prosecution that his chances of winning would have been slim. While Hillary got a pass, despite the additional crimes of lying to investigators.  That’s the same crime that got Scooter Libby and Martha Stewart jail time, even though they unlike Ms. Clinton hadn’t done anything.

Quiz: In Honor of  Hillary, this weeks quiz is

Criminal Law For The Criminal Justice Professional

I got 11/15 would expect the lawyers that regularly visit Redstate to ace this.

Drink up That’s it for the Watercooler today. As always it’s an open thread