Move Aside Big Oil and Tech, Here Comes Big Family: New DC Group Fights for American Children, Parents

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Say what you want about the lobbying and advocacy groups working on behalf of Big Tech and Oil interests, but they’re remarkably effective wielding power in D.C. They get results for their members in astounding ways. That’s why Terry Schilling has decided to start a new, membership-based group called “Big Family.”


As the name suggests, Schilling, co-founder and president of the American Principles Project, looked around the Beltway and realized nobody is advocating on behalf of issues that impact families such as transgender ideology, critical race theory, making it easier to have kids, education at large a plethora of other issues that Americans typically wouldn’t care about if they don’t have kids or are trying to have kids.

“Being a dad is about having fun, but it’s also about sacrificing, and as dads we wouldn’t have it any other way. But, you know what? Politicians are making it harder to be awesome,” Schilling said in the group’s announcement video, seen below.

“They’re teaching our kids that America is evil and instead of protecting our kids online, they’re protecting the porn companies. And now they’re trying to destroy our daughter’s sports by allowing boys to compete against them,” he continued. “So, what are we as parents to do to help stop this madness? We do what every other group does. We organize and we engage in politics. But, where do families turn when politicians are causing them problems? They turn to American Principles Project.”

Last week, Schilling explained the group in more detail to Buck Sexton.


“It hit me about a year and a half ago that everyone in D.C. has a special interest arm that’s fighting for them, that’s getting the bad guys unelected and getting their allies elected — except for the American family,” Schilling told Sexton. You have, Big Oil, Big Pharma, Big Tech, you know you get all these “bigs” but there’s no big family.

“Som we wanted to found the Big Family an NRA style membership organization to get families active and engaged in politics. So, if you’re opposing school choice or if you’re fighting for critical race schools or any of this crazy stuff, we’re going to come after you just as you know the NRA puts gun owners after you, we’re going to come after you. We’re going to get you unelected for hurting our kids,” Schilling continued.

So this is a PAC for traditional family issues, is that a fair way to describe it?” Sexton asked.

“You know, it’s tough to put my finger on what traditional is anymore. But it’s not your typical social issues. The real audience for this Big Family that we’re building here is anyone  — parents, aunts uncles, grandparents — who is upset about what’s happened to their kids’ education,” Schilling responded.


As an example, Schilling explained the masks issues for children across America.

“Even if your schools were open this past fall or this past spring, your kids were — your two-year-old, three-year-old, four-year-old, five-year-old — they’re all forced to wear masks. And your school board didn’t care. They told you to shut up and sit down.”

Adding, “This is geared towards those families that are upset. They feel powerless, they’re upset about what’s happening to their kids in schools. And anyone really, that’s concerned about these kids’ education as well, so we’re going beyond those traditional social issues. We’ll be focusing on some of those as well, but we’re really trying to take back the education system and protect our kids.”

The full interview is well worth the watch:

Schilling’s Big Family seems to be the latest in a string of populist groups who recognize that they must able to wield true power in Washington, D.C. or at the local level in order to change our culture and stop the onslaught of assault from the left.

Recently, the 1776 Project PAC was created specifically to help candidates for school boards seeking to end Critical Race Theory, as well as to campaign against candidates in favor of CRT.


Likewise, American Moment was founded to help populists work their way into key positions on D.C. lawmakers’ staffs so that effective policy can be passed in part for the American family, rather than the typical DC establishment bills that lookout for corporations and other groups.

Schilling is actually on the board of American Moment. Perhaps it’s no surprise then that the group’s first priority is “1. The American family, rooted in faith and tradition, is the bedrock of this nation and must be supported”

These three groups — Big Family, American Moment, and 1776 Project — should give hope to Americans concerned with the direction of the country and wondering who is sticking up for families in Washington. They now have a voice in D.C.


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