Amid Criminal Probe in Georgia, Trump Claims Georgia Secretary of State 'Owed Me Votes'

AP Photo/Seth Wenig, Pool

In comments that may not help his case in Fulton County, Georgia, former president Donald Trump told CNN’s Kaitlan Collins that Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger “owed me votes” during questions about the 2020 campaign.


The CNN Town Hall event held at Saint Anselm featured a lot of conversation about the 2020 election and subsequent fallout, including comments on the death of Ashli Babbitt during the January 6 riot at the Capitol building in Washington D.C. But he didn’t stop there. When it came to the states Trump felt were stolen, he addressed Georgia and its Secretary of State, Raffensperger.

Pressed about the call at a CNN town hall by moderator Kaitlan Collins, Trump said Raffensperger “owed me votes because the election was rigged” and repeated false conspiracy theories about his defeat to President Joe Biden.

“This was a call that was made to question the results of the election,” he said. “When we can’t make a call to question the election results, then this country ought to just forget about it.”

The audio is a focus of Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis’ investigation into whether Trump and his allies broke Georgia law by trying to overturn the election results.

Multiple investigations into the election results in Georgia and elsewhere have failed to turn up any evidence of widespread cheating. What’s more, Trump’s comments about feeling that Raffensperger “owed” him votes could be used against him should the Fulton County criminal probe into Trump’s behavior lead to an eventual trial.


Trump: “Yeah, I called questioning the election. I thought it was a rigged election. I thought it had a lot of problems … We’re having a normal call. Nobody said, ‘Oh, gee, he shouldn’t have said that.’ If this call was bad — I questioned the election.

Collins: “You asked him to find you votes.”

Trump: “I didn’t ask him to find anything.”

Collins: “We’ve heard the audio tape, Mr. President. There’s audio of you asking him to find 11,000-something votes.”

Trump: “I said, you owed me votes because the election was rigged. That election was rigged. If this call was bad, why didn’t him and his lawyers hang up? How dare you say that. This was a perfect phone call.”

Collins: “They were clearly concerned enough that they recorded the phone call.”

Trump: “This was a call that was made to question the results of the election. When we can’t make a call to question the election results, then this country ought to just forget about it.”

The investigation into Trump’s actions after the election has focused on attempts to overturn election results in the state, with Fulton County DA Fani Willis looking to announce charges that Trump violated state law in the coming weeks.


That would end up being yet another investigation into Trump at the height of his candidacy for president in 2024. Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg has already filed charges, and there are multiple investigations still underway at the Department of Justice.

But Trump’s comments during the CNN Town Hall could be used as ammo – and likely will, considering Willis is looking to prove that Trump tried to get multiple Georgia officials to reverse the election results in the state.


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