The Biden Administration Fails Because It Spends All Its Time Reacting

Probably one of the hardest personal or professional things to do is be proactive enough that you head off almost every foreseeable problem. Even when you are that proactive, other problems can spring up and force you to put everything else on pause while you handle that one issue. But because you were proactive, you have the freedom to really give that situation your full attention because most other fires didn’t even have a chance to start.


It is very clear right now that the Biden administration, at only six months in, has spent no time in trying to head off problems and therefore has spent 100 percent of its time just reacting.

Take this story from Fox’s Bill Melugin last night.

For weeks, Republicans have been pointing out not only that the crisis at the border has gotten significantly worse, but that it is a major health hazard for the U.S., which is struggling with another spike in COVID-19 cases. The Biden administration not only downplayed those concerns, they actually began bussing immigrants into American cities to drop them off.

Only now, with a staggering number of immigrants crossing, getting caught, and testing positive for COVID-19 every day, does the administration do anything. And the first thing they did? Send Kamala Harris overseas while they do the job she was supposed to be doing at the border.

This isn’t the only example, though. There are numerous issues with which Biden or his spokespeople have had to walk back or tone down rhetoric as they’ve gotten feedback. Normally, that might be a good thing, but the problem is that the Biden administration is being guided almost entirely by what is being said on social media rather than by what his constituents, his party, or his experts say.


Take, for example, his threat to pair an infrastructure deal with a reconciliation package. The blowback on that was so fierce he did an about-face practically the same day.

The amount of walking back that the Biden administration has had to do since they took office is not a good look, and it makes it hard for voters to really determine what exactly you are for. This has a lot to do with why his own poll numbers are not looking good. Voters at this point should still be in the “Let’s see what he’s got” stage of the presidency. It’s about half a year in, and at this point, most presidencies have an agenda they are still working on, platitudes they are still speaking from, and ideas they are still workshopping.

However, at this point in the Biden administration, it is clear his agenda is dead in the water, Republicans and some swing-state Democrats hold all the power in the Senate, and the ideas come and go based on how loud any given section of Twitter is on a particular day. This isn’t how administrations are supposed to be run, and the American voters (particularly the independent and moderate ones) know it. The fact that they have largely given up on negotiation (the infrastructure deal was based on proactive work from Republican Senators more than Democratic ones) and have gone straight to bullying is a sign that they have no idea how to move forward.


So when you couple this with the absolutely tanking poll numbers for Kamala Harris, you realize the Biden administration has really no one in charge and no one able to right the ship. Even in the most charitable defense – that the COVID-19 pandemic is forcing a lot of these on-the-fly reactions – the fact that large parts of the Democratic agenda, like the voter reform that Biden was silent on, are dead in the water means that the Biden administration is not planning to do any leading and will continue to simply react until 2024.



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