Biden's Tone on Guns Is How Democrats Lose in 2022

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One of the best gifts that Joe Biden’s administration could have given the Republicans in the year leading up to midterm elections is a political battle on gun control. Democrats are not good at this fight, and their primary problem is their inability to separate their innermost desires from reality on the ground.


It’s not just that Democrats are getting their inspiration from loud voices on Twitter and ignoring the general electorate. It’s the fact that they can’t help but be as demeaning and scolding as possible on the subject. They aren’t able to talk to the people on about guns, and they certainly can’t have a simple conversation about them. They are always resorting to finger-wagging and expressing disappointment that the American people just don’t understand.

Somewhere along the way, a good number of politicians on both sides forgot that their job was to represent the people, not to assume what’s best for them. And, while it is a bipartisan issue, the Democrats do so from a preachy perspective that not only turns off voters but consistently leads to a spike in gun sales.

The very premise of yesterday’s gun agenda rollout was so demeaning of gun owners that it almost defies logic. Over the last year, we’ve seen protests that have turned violent and destructive, rhetoric calling law enforcement the enemy, and demands that police be defunded. City governments have turned on their police departments and have either shifted money away or over-punished officers for doing their jobs.

In some American cities, law enforcement officers have walked off the job by the hundreds. Elsewhere, law enforcement has been overwhelmed for years and the last year of violence has just made the problem worse.

But the very idea that it is gun ownership that is the problem? That the right to gun ownership as afforded by the Constitution is somehow to blame for the rise in violence? That is a slap in the face to millions of legal gun owners across the country.


Part of Biden’s plan is meant to go after those who don’t follow the rules when selling guns.

While I am not a lawyer, I do know that this is already the law of the land. So this is either an admission that current laws don’t work or some weird attempt to get around double jeopardy by doubling the laws so you aren’t technically charging someone twice for the same offense. But while Biden is laying all this out and advocating summer camps to keep the youth off the streets, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms is changing the rules so that items like pistol braces are suddenly forbidden, making a staggering number of gun owners across the country suddenly felons.

The Democrats and the media are listening to the loudest voices on the Internet, which are merely reflecting those same politicians’ and reporters’ biases against guns back to them, and confident that this is the moment to try and take on the gun owners of America. It is your fault, after all, that guns are out there, being used by these violent ne’er-do-wells and raising our crime rates. It is most certainly not the fault of the party that embraced the “Defund the police!” crowd and defended violent riots that set American cities on fire over the last year.


And this is why they will lose in 2022. Not guns, necessarily, but this nagging of the American people. You don’t know how to take care of yourselves and our cities, so we’re just going to take your guns away.

You don’t know how to run your own voting systems, so we’re going to take it over.

You don’t know how to choose your own healthcare, so we’re going to take control of that industry.

It goes on and on.

The American people have consistently rejected the notion since the 2000s, and they will keep rejecting it because they don’t want some nanny state to be this overbearing in their lives. They want a government that is sane and rational, sure, but they don’t want a bunch of Karens in Washington D.C. taking all their rights away in order to protect them.


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