Has Anyone Been More Consistently Wrong About COVID-19 Than Chris Cuomo?

At no point during this entire pandemic has the press flack for New York Governor Andrew Cuomo ever been right when it comes to COVID-19.

Chris Cuomo caught COVID-19 and then broke protocol in a clash with a bicyclist. Despite having broken protocol at least once, he then staged a “re-emergence” from his basement, then broke just about every journalistic ethical guideline while constantly having his brother on his show to promote how great the latter was at fighting the virus.


Oh, and all of that was happening while Chris was also advising his brother’s administration on how to handle the negative PR coming from the numerous emerging scandals in New York.

Late last week, the CNN anchor decided to further mire himself in whatever the opposite of glory is by pushing baseless conspiracy theories from the Miami Herald and in defense of frequently-debunked conspiracy theorist Rebekah Jones.

We don’t need to go through just how insane the Rebekah Jones conspiracy theories are. Charles Cooke had a great piece breaking it down piece by piece recently, and there are plenty of folks who are detailing every time she doubles down or changes her story on the things she’s claimed. However, Jones is not the focus here. Chris Cuomo is.

Cuomo’s actions have been a massive failure of journalism, ethics, and a general crime against basic reading comprehension. The Herald’s piece is little more than a coordinated effort to try and protect someone who is critical of Republican Governor Ron DeSantis. Because that is always the goal: Beat the Republican. And for Cuomo, that Republican more than any other is the biggest threat to his brother, the Governor of New York.


Even before the pandemic, Cuomo was anything but unbiased. Between him and Don Lemon, it was hard to tell which was the more unhinged partisan posing as a journalist. The pandemic just happened to expose him as one of the worst of the worst. He’s an entitled Democrat from a well-connected political family posing as someone who shares opinion as fact while ignoring actual facts that are inconvenient.

Even a cursory glance at the Herald’s article is enough to show you the facts aren’t really the facts. There are twists and distortions meant to muddy the waters surrounding Jones rather than clear them up. But, DeSantis is an increasingly popular Republican and has had a lot of success during the pandemic. He was one of the first to send state health officials to nursing homes specifically, in order to separate those with the virus from those who would be devastated by it. Where he saved thousands of lives, Cuomo’s own brother doomed just as many. And because Jones and the Herald both appear to want DeSantis to fail, they are both more than happy to lend credibility to a conspiracy theorist.


What’s worse, though, is that Cuomo is probably the only person less credible than Jones when it comes to the virus.


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