The Media's Credibility Gap Continues to Grow

AP Photo/Wilfredo Lee

It’s very hard right now to pick any news outlet to trust. They are all mired in some sort of scandal or are acting in some sort of way that invites outrage and distrust among viewers. At some point, it’s going to be difficult to trust anyone, and we’ll all retreat even deeper into our bubbles.

The Associated Press was working out of a building in Gaza that was run by Hamas intelligence. As Becket Adams over at the Washington Examiner notes, the AP had better hope the Israeli intelligence identifying the building as Hamas-run was wrong. Otherwise… was the AP paying rent to a designated terror group? Or were they being gifted the space by a designated terror group? Either way, it’s not good, especially given the noticeable anti-Israel slant in the reporting of the conflict between Israel and Hamas.

Meanwhile, you have the Washington Post that runs an analysis piece basically insinuated that Israel’s “Iron Dome” (the missile defense system that intercepts incoming missiles in midair) is too good at its job, as the lack of Israeli casualties means the nation is less inclined to negotiate peace.

Never mind that Israel is the victim in this and that any civilian casualties in Gaza are the direct result of Hamas firing from civilian sites in order to force Israeli to counter-attack there. Never mind that the Iron Dome protects Israeli life. It’s bad because it disincentivizes peace with a terrorist group.

CNN now has to let a contributor go after that person actually posted on Twitter that the world today needed another Hitler. I kid you not.

MSNBC has anchors questioning the CDC’s guidance on masks now that the CDC’s guidance goes against what they’ve been preaching on the air for months. The “sudden reversal” (which is really what the science has been suggesting for months and the CDC has been slow to adopt) made Rachel Maddow say she had to “rewire” herself to not see unmasked people as the enemy. Kasie Hunt fretted on Twitter over the idea that she might be exposing her small child – who demographically are extremely low risk of infection – drawing pushback even from CNN’s Brian Stelter.

Meanwhile, the media has spent so much time focusing on Liz Cheney getting booted from leadership not because it’s worth a weeks-long news cycle but because it advances the narrative that the GOP is too extreme, too pro-Trump to continue existing and that a Republican civil war is coming. None of this is true, mind you. The GOP appears to be moving steadily toward the middle, and while Trump is somewhat a factor in terms of what politicians are saying, they are quietly starting to move away and focus on the future.

But God forbid we let Trump out of any news cycle even for a minute because that will inevitably lead to a ratings drop (as opposed to the ratings drop we’re seeing now?).

The right is not immune to this, mind you. Fox News is very narrative-driven, and Newsmax and OANN more so. They have a clear agenda, but because they are of the right, the rest of the left-leaning media is hellbent on attacking them in order to make them look like the bad, dishonest news organizations. They want to pretend they have sterling records while the right-of-center outlets are corrupt and evil, but they themselves are mired in the perversion of what journalism is supposed to be.

There is no reason to trust any of them anymore.