Heads Should Roll in the Biden Camp After the Big Hispanic Vote Shift

If I were Joe Biden, I would be demanding some answers from my campaign team right now.

Win or lose, Biden just suffered an absolutely embarrassing loss of Hispanic voters that typically swing in heavy numbers toward the Democratic Party. Instead, it was the Trump campaign that made major in-roads into the Hispanic community and that appears to be what helped him hold on to Florida and Texas.


Heads have got to roll over these numbers.

That is a massively embarrassing shift, and one that Republicans everywhere should be proud of.

It is very difficult to understand how the polls and the Democrats missed this shift, when there have been bits and pieces of data over the last several months that showed it coming. And while Trump didn’t win some of these communities, the progress he made far outweighed the losses he might’ve taken in them.

We also saw similar numbers with other groups, as well.


So, even while Trump was losing white voters, he was making nearly unheard of gains with minority groups, and that has given him a huge edge in this race.

Biden should be furious. His inability to stir up Hispanic support was a known quantity before he even won the nomination. The campaign should have made adjustments to rectify that. Instead, they almost criminally ignored those communities much in the same way that Hillary Clinton ignored blue collar communities.

That is two races in a row where the Democratic candidate has followed the loudest voices on Twitter instead of staying loyal to and supportive of various groups that support them. Given how they’re currently reacting, it’s also impossible to assume the Democrats have learned that lesson, too.


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