The Democrats Are Stupidly Creating Another Weapon for Republicans to Use

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The Democrats are at it again.

Nancy Pelosi announced that House Democrats were planning on pulling some 25th Amendment shenanigans on President Donald Trump, I felt like she was further proving my theory that she is torching her own party on the way out the door.


If there is any planning or forethought going into these types of decisions, it has to be malicious toward her own party. There is no other rational explanation. It is a rather stupid idea. A Congressional “commission” has no real authority over an amendment that has to be enacted by the President’s own cabinet. It is something that happens within the executive branch, and no matter what the House says, they can’t enforce it.

There are other reasons, too. For example, there is no solid rationale for enacting it. You can keep going from there.

But, the more you think about it, the less likely it is that Pelosi is trying to sabotage her own party. I mean, if she was, I don’t know what she would be doing differently, but this feels like something less methodical and something more in line with the modern Democratic Party.

It’s way more likely that this is simply a carefree political tactic that does not even consider the precedent being set.

I love chaos as much as the next guy, and 2020 has been the year for it. There is so much to celebrate in 2020 if you like the fear of the unknown and the absolute craziness that has happened in our political world. And on the face of it, another group of Democratic congressmen dogging the hell out of Trump over his COVID-19 diagnosis and chasing down every conspiracy theory about his health seems like it would be fun to mock for the next month (if he loses in November) or four years (if he wins in November). But, ask yourself this: Is it worth the precedent the Democrats are setting here?


Do you really think this is a bottle that, once opened, will be closed again? Does anyone honestly think that the Republicans won’t use this tactic at the first available opportunity? Much like Harry Reid destroying the filibuster, the Democrats are setting a precedent that you can absolutely form a commission to harass an older president in questionable health.

If Joe Biden wins in November, he comes into the job as a 78-year-old man who sometimes has issues keeping his thoughts straight.

It’s a silly idea, of course. A pointless waste of time and taxpayer money. But the Democrats don’t have a monopoly on those tactics, and we can go back and forth on the history of each party trying to one-up the other with these types of stunts. But the fact of the matter is that the Democrats are so broken by the existence of Trump that they are not thinking clearly, and haven’t been for a while. The whole idea that they can do this with any shred of credibility is absurd, and it will be just as absurd when the Republicans try it in the future.

But, the difference is that the Republicans aren’t establishing this precedent. The foundation for this very dumb idea is being laid by Pelosi and the Democrats, and it will be fun to see it thrown in the face of future Democrats when they get outraged at Republicans doing it.



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