Van Jones Responds To Daily Beast Hit Piece, Calls It "False, Sensational"

Van Jones Responds To Daily Beast Hit Piece, Calls It "False, Sensational"
( AP Photo/Jose Luis Magana)


Van Jones has now come out swinging in response to a hit piece from The Daily Beast released over the weekend.

Jones, a CNN contributor, was accused in the piece of working with the Trump administration to craft the President’s criminal justice reform executive order, and for praising it on CNN without disclosing he helped craft it.

In a series of tweets, the progressive commentator called the story a “false, sensationalist” article, written solely to generate clicks and outrage, while also fiercely denying he even worked with the White House on the executive order in question.

Jones was also incensed at the idea that he wouldn’t disclose something like that if he had taken part.

CNN has not commented on the Daily Beast‘s allegations, but the original story did generate a lot of outrage on social media, where progressive activists have attacked Jones for daring to work with the Trump administration. This outrage comes on the heels of a previous outrage, where Jones specifically called out “racist Hillary Clinton voters” as more dangerous than open, raving KKK members.

The Daily Beast has not offered any sort of retraction or commented on Jones’ refutation as of this story.


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