Pretty Sure the Seattle Protesters Who Took Over Part of the City Will Starve to Death

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Dumpster fire near the CHAZ


In Seattle, the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (which, if I remember the Sonic The Hedgehog video game series correctly, is somewhere between the Green Hill Zone and the Star Light Zone) has been occupied by ANTIFA protesters, with the city effectively losing control of a handful of city blocks to the group.


Armed with everything from bats to guns, they have made the area their own. The city is not even fighting back, as it appears the Mayor is fully on board with this tomfoolery.

Things do not look nearly as peaceful as certain media outlets — like CNN — appear to want viewers to believe. While they are pushing the takeover as more of a street festival, it is clear that these folks are taking law enforcement into their own hands (which I guess means we can defund them) and things could turn dangerous. Via Townhall Media colleague Julio Rosas:

Rosas has a very good thread on the CHAZ, but there is one part of the thread that is, as my colleague Nick Arama mentioned earlier, hilarious: Their garden.

My friend, John Brodigan, posted a perfectly valid theory that surely the protesters who planted this garden have to be Trump supporters, because there is no way anyone could be that bad at building a sustainable garden in order to feed their beloved new commune. But, much like the pilgrims who needed assistance from the Native Americans in order to survive, these sad souls are likely to starve to death, given their apparently lacking gardening skills.


I… I don’t think people should worry about the protesters lasting long. That is a pitiful garden, and there is absolutely no compost pile to help feed the plants. This was not planned very carefully. I highly recommend these folks listen to my podcast from this week to learn more about sustainable, edible gardening so they can correct this before it’s too late.


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