Gucci Decides It's Probably Not a Good Idea To Sell a Blackface Sweater

Photo credit: Gucci

Sorry, gang, but it looks like you’ll have to find a new holiday gift for that special someone in your life. Gucci has pulled a balaclava sweater from its store after the Internet realized it looked like Ralph Northam at the statehouse Christmas party.


The sweater drew the ire of a collective Internet that was inundated with stories about blackface, and they were just not having any more of it. In light of the backlash, the allegedly fashion-forward company pulled the item from its store and apologized on social media.

Being a luxury brand out of Italy, it’s only natural that Gucci is somewhat out of touch with… I dunno, reality? Anyway, the problem is they’re not the only company who is. Via CNN:

This is not the first time a fashion brand has been accused of using such imagery. Last year, luxury fashion house Prada said it withdrew products after some items displayed in a Manhattan storefront were seen as depicting blackface imagery. The products, part of Prada’s Pradamalia line, were pulled after images surfaced of some merchandise depicting monkey-like figures with black faces and large red lips.


The good news is that, if companies like Gucci and Prada keep this up, I can finally convince corporate to open the spin-off site I’ve wanted to launch – FashionState. Prayers up, people. It’s time for my dreams to come true, at least.


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