On Yesterday's Resignations

In a now-removed post, RedState writer Elizabeth Vaughn responded to former contributors Andrea Ruth and Kim Ross, who had a piece published at The Bulwark on why they left RedState. By this point, either you’ve read it or have read Vaughn’s piece to get the gist of what was said and I won’t be linking to either.


To be clear, Vaughn’s piece was not representative of the site overall, though it was treated as one. It was a personal response from her.

I understand the frustration, however. The resignation of Ross, Ruth, and Sarah Quinlan came as a shock to us all, and I know several writers here take some offense to the idea that they are being forced to write one way or another. I also get the frustrations of those who left, and I personally bear them no ill will.

Andrea was a major help in running this site, Kim is inarguably the single-greatest voice on pro-life issues today, and Sarah superbly combines her conservative beliefs with a yearning for positive social change and equality. At the end of the day, I still count them as good friends, and I stand by the statements I’ve made privately to them wishing them well and to put me on their list of references should they ever need to.

Since April, I have been helping guide RedState as best I can. I do not speak for TownHall nor do I speak for Salem. I am, like my fellow contributors, a contractor who’s job is to put forward a conservative perspective on the issues of the day. I assist my fellow contributors as best I can, despite a demanding day job that can sometimes feel like it is a 36-hour-a-day job alone.

However, I read everything that is posted to our site. If there is something I question or an opinion I need, I email my colleagues… no, my friends… and I work with them to make sure the right thing is done.


RedState as a site exists to do one thing and one thing only: Push ahead with a conservative voice.

Those who have read the aforementioned pieces have already formed their opinion on what that means for RedState. I wouldn’t be able to convince you if I tried. I can personally say that I have never sworn loyalty to any politician, and that will always be my position. Some here support Trump, some don’t like him at all, and some (like me) simply wish to hold him accountable like we would do any other politician.

There is a lot of “I” in this post, and I’m sorry for that, but I felt compelled to respond this time. This is the last you’ll see of this subject on this Front Page.

And now, we return to our regularly scheduled programming.


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