Democrats "Lost The Popular Vote" in Senate Races, So There's Only One Solution Left

This is one of the oddest talking points out there today, and it is a clear sign that people who are repeatedly losing have no idea how to take it anymore.


We must end GOP gerrymandering to win back the states, they believe. And, honestly, I’m not sure how some of these people function on a day to day basis.

The only solution that appears viable at this point is to take the Democratic dream of open borders and apply it to the states. We must either redraw or completely get rid of state borders and the laws surrounding them.

I know it sounds crazy, you guys. But, if you want the truth, it’s actually crazy.

There is no logic in the argument. At all. Many people who are upset at the loss of Senate seats last night, despite Democratic gains in the House, are the same people who are actively seeking to eliminate the Electoral College and amend the rights guaranteed in the First and Second Amendments.


They truly believe that it is the fault of others, or outside forces, that cost them these elections. It was Russia who destroyed Hillary’s chances. It wasn’t that she was a terrible, out-of-touch candidate who campaigned in all the wrong areas.

It is the alt-right, QAnon, and online trolls and racists who are keeping the Republicans in power, not the voters that Democrats actively alienate rather than try to reach out to and compromise with.

It is not their fault, ever, that they lose.

So, clearly, we must redraw state borders. For the good of America.


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