ThinkProgress Editor and Definitely Not Sith Lord Calls for Abolishing the Senate

A flag flies on Capitol Hill in Washington, Tuesday, Nov. 28, 2017, as President Donald Trump meets with Senate Republican leaders. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh)

Ian Millhiser, who between wetting himself about the dangers of having a conservative court and a previously strange fascination with Justice Neil Gorsuch likes to decry the American political system as established by the founders of our country, has fully embraced the Dark Side.


There are some issues with this statement, mostly stemming from the fact that very few people on either side had an issue with the Senate until Donald Trump won. But, honestly, what is the problem here?

Apparently, the fact that the Senate is freely and fairly elected is a problem. The fact that they are statewide elections is a problem. The fact that each state gets equal representation – which was the entire point of the Great Compromise, that population and equal representation were both available to the public – is a problem.

Only someone who is currently having a temper tantrum at the fact that his side isn’t winning as much as he wants them to can make claims like this. He’s not the only one, mind you. Ezra Klein of Vox has expressed the same sentiment several times, as have others. This isn’t something Millhiser is throwing out randomly right now. It’s been a super secret desire brewing for the last two years.


But shouting about it today and for the last week is a not-at-all subtle way for them to write off the failure to capture the Senate. It’s unfair that it even exists, so let’s get rid of it.

You know who else thinks the Senate is just holding back what he wants to really get done to transform the government? Sheev Palpatine.


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