UPDATE: Suspicious Packages Sent to Obama, Clintons, CNN. White House Not Targeted.

UPDATE: CNBC and Reuters are reporting that the reports about a device sent to the White House are false alarms.


The Secret Service confirms:

Original story:

In a truly insane series of events, routine mail screenings detected two suspicious packages initially reported by media as “explosive devices,” one addressed to former President Barack Obama and the other to former President Bill Clinton’s and First Lady Hillary Clinton’s home.

At the same time, the Time Warner Center in New York, which houses CNN, among other companies, was evacuated due to a suspicious package, while the White House also reported a similar package.

There are no confirmed reports of any of the devices being explosive at this time, however, some reports indicate similarities between the device sent to George Soros’ home last week and the devices sent to Obama and the Clintons.

It is unclear at this time if the devices were all sent by the same person.

We will keep you updated as more reports come in.


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