Don't Panic, Anybody: Donald Trump Has Asked an Appeals Court To Let Him Block People on Twitter

If you recall from a few weeks ago, Donald Trump was told by a federal judge he can’t block people on Twitter. In the history of all things legal, it may have been the most absurd thing I’ve ever seen, and in Louisiana, we have laws about where you can leash your alligator.


However, Trump is not someone who wishes to be shown up by anyone, and therefore he wants the biggest and bestest absurd legal ruling – so he’s actually appealing the decision and arguing he should be allowed to block on Twitter.

Now, like I said, the original ruling was absurd, and Trump – president or not – should be allowed to block people. Have you seen the vile crap that gets sent to his account? It’s vile, and there’s no reason for anyone to have to endure it.

It just seems like we live in the strangest possible timeline when this is actually a thing that is going through our legal system, yet if we think about it, it was something we should have seen coming. Social media is changing the way things are done, and Trump is the first President to use it in a deeply personal way – actually interacting with his voters (and the critics).


But let’s not pretend that being blocked by the President is some violation of your First Amendment rights. Twitter is not a government agency, and you have no guaranteed right to speech on a social media platform. He, as a user of the site, has every right to block whoever he wants and get rid of people he doesn’t want to interact with.

For God’s sake, let the man block whoever he wants.


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