CNN's Brooke Baldwin Rips Samantha Bee's Comments, Confirms Media Double-Standard

In a segment on Thursday, CNN anchor Brooke Baldwin took some time to address the controversy around Roseanne Barr’s offensive tweet and the outrage that followed.


The segment, however, did not stay focused on Barr’s tweet. Instead, Baldwin pointed out that when conservatives claim that there is a double-standard in how they are covered versus liberals’ offensive statements they are actually correct.

Via Caleb Howe at Mediaite:

Baldwin then played a series of clips of Keith Olbermann, who is famous for his over-the-top condemnations. The litany of insults in the clips she plays, as well as in her additional summary after the clips, was impressive in both scope and variety. After the long set of examples is run through, Baldwin says “Despite all of this, he just got another plum job. A job, ironically, at the same company that just booted Roseanne for violating its values.”

Baldwin then moved on to Samantha Bee, showing the clip that has been everywhere today. Here’s her commentary following that clip.

Here’s the relevant quote from Baldwin on Bee’s comments (video of the commentary is available at the Mediaite link above):

[I]magine for a second how liberals would have reacted if Roseanne or a conservative TV star would have used that language describing Valerie Jarrett. Whether you agree with the President’s policies or not, calling a senior advisor inside the United States government or anyone for that matter the “C” word is, like I said at the top, it’s outrageous, it is unacceptable and should be called out.


And this part of her commentary is perhaps the most important point Baldwin makes.

She could have easily made her point without using those words, a point that, by the way, is totally lost because she used that language. Doing this she is no better than the very behavior she criticizes. In fact, she becomes part of the problem.

Baldwin is, of course, absolutely right when she says this. There has been a lot of ink spilled and a lot of words spoken about the death of decency and courtesy in political rhetoric, and a lot of it – as she points out – is aimed at Donald Trump and his followers. However, Keith Olberman and Samantha Bee are just two examples of the same insane and unhinged rhetoric being spewed by liberal commentators.

Kudos to Baldwin for pointing this out, and hopefully we can at some point reclaim some sensibility in how we talk to each other.


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