BREAKING: Andrew Cuomo Calls for New York Attorney General's Resignation

Earlier this evening, news broke that four women were filing sexual assault complaints against New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman.

Word out of the state capitol now is that New York Governor Andrew Cuomo will be quick to call for Schneiderman’s resignation.


In his statement, Cuomo also is also calling for an investigation into the allegations.

Schneiderman, a fiercely partisan AG who has blasted President Donald Trump over his alleged illicit behavior with women, is almost certain to heed the call to step down, and from a political standpoint, Cuomo has no wiggle room in making that call.

Under assault from his political left, Cuomo will need to ensure that he isn’t embroiled in any scandal or cover-up related in any way to sexual harassment or abuse. If that means calling for the resignation of a political ally, he will almost certainly have to in order to save his own career.

As for Schneiderman, the accusations are pretty… intense. Andrea Ruth covered them in the link above, and if Cuomo is coming out this quickly to demand he step down, then you can bet Schneiderman is done.


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