BRILLIANT: New Info Shows Clinton Campaign Sought To "Maximize" Trump

There are two types of reader here at RedState – those who like Trump and those who do not. However, there is a single issue that unites us no matter your thoughts on the President. That issue is, of course, Hillary Clinton.


What fascinates us about Clinton to this day is the lack of responsibility she and her campaign takes for their embarrassing 2016 defeat. It is the fault of journalists or Republican lies or just straight-up sexism that keeps her from attaining the highest office in the nation. It is never the fault of her or the comically incompetent campaign run under her name.

Case in point: This Daily Beast story about Clinton allies referring to a new book about her. The book, Chasing Hillary: Ten Years, Two Presidential Campaigns, and One Intact Glass Ceiling, is causing consternation as it is clearly another example of “unfair” journalistic practices against Clinton.

Throughout the book, Chozick refers to her fellow journalists in the small pool that flew on the campaign plane as “Travelers,” while referring to many Clinton staffers collectively as “The Guys.”

Asked to comment on the book, a former campaign staffer who’s referred to in it as one of “The Guys” told The Daily Beast: “The challenge on the campaign was that you had a reporter holding the Clintons to a higher standard through a lower standard of reporting. Amy was not always an honest broker, and this book seems to be more of the same. It ridicules people with a smile, contributing little to the public discourse.”

But what these staffers, and Clinton supporters in general, fail to understand is that Donald Trump happened because of the campaign, not the other way around. They chose to elevate Trump, and their allies in the media were more than happy to oblige because of ratings. The media and the campaign thought they could benefit from promoting Trump to the forefront, and they used each other to do it.


From early on, the Clinton camp saw Trump as an enemy to encourage, Chozick writes. During the campaign, as had been previously reported, there was an effort to elevate Trump into a so-called Pied Piper in order to tie him to the mainstream of the Republican Party.

“An agenda for an upcoming campaign meeting sent by [Campaign Manager] Robby Mook’s office asked, ‘How do we maximize Trump?’” Chozick writes, describing a time when the GOP primary was still crowded.

Even as Trump surged in the polls, the Clinton camp still saw him as a danger to stronger candidates rather than such a candidate in his own right, Chozick reports, so that in August 2015, “when the main GOP debate came on, everyone pushed their pizza crust aside and stared transfixed at the TV set… [Campaign Manager] Robby [Mook] salivated when the debate came back on and Trump started to speak. ‘Shhhhh,’ Robby said, practically pressing his nose up to the TV. ‘I’ve gahtz to get me some Trump.’ Robby thought Rubio would be the nominee. Podesta was bullish on Kasich. Bill and Hillary, still stuck in the 1990s, feared the Bush surname most of all.”

Boy, did that backfire gloriously.

Now Mook, the tech-savvy political wunderkind, would in a normal field never have a job again. But this is politics, and clearly, this is the fault of the ignorant masses and not the campaign or the candidate, so Mook will be allowed to continue running campaigns.


But as long as Clinton and her people are out there, spewing their whiny, corrosive poison to any journalist willing to listen, then the Democrats will continue to struggle to connect with the very people Clinton neglected and even isolated. The Clinton loss was historic – Donald Trump broke the famed Blue Wall and split union households, both of which were unthinkable until election night.

Love Trump or hate him, he certainly owes Hillary and Friends some thanks. They gave him the spotlight and he ran with it all the way to the White House. While Clinton may firmly believe that there is a media and conservative conspiracy to keep her out of office, the truth is pretty obvious.

She never had a chance.


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