Trump's Silence on the Stormy Daniels Affair Isn't Revealing, Surprising, or Complicated

Stormy Daniels arrives for the 49th Annual Grammy Awards on Sunday, Feb. 11, 2007, in Los Angeles. (AP Photo/Matt Sayles)

The big Conventional Wisdom floating around the media and liberal thinkers is that Donald Trump has been way too quiet about the Stormy Daniels Affair.


It must have struck a nerve, says the same group of Intelligent Thinkers that swear the Mueller investigation must be striking a nerve because Trump won’t shut up about it. This great group of Washington’s Best Analysts is truly wishing that this whole scandal could finally be the thing that brings Trump down because all of the other things that could finally bring Trump down actually didn’t.

The problem with their theory is that it shows a complete and total lack of understanding of how Trump operates, despite many of these people claiming to have such insight into the man. It doesn’t take a forensic psychologist to understand Trump’s attitude about such things. He is a man of image, of brand, and of reputation.

Here is the list of things that Trump doesn’t like:

  1. Attacks on his integrity (Mueller investigation)
  2. Attacks on his legitimacy (Russia collusion accusations)
  3. Attacks on his wealth (Forbes claiming his net worth is lower than he says)
  4. Attacks on his manhood (His tiny, childlike hands)

Here is the list of things that Trump likes:

  1. Power (Being president)
  2. Money (Claiming he’s worth so much more than Forbes says he is)
  3. Popularity (The crowds cheering for him at rallies)
  4. Masculinity (He can have sex with whoever he wants, even models and porn stars)

So, why isn’t Trump out there discussing the Stormy Daniels affair? Because in his mind it increases his value as a man. Wow, this dude can land the hottest women, he must be cool and worthy of our respect and admiration! Every single marriage of his has been rife with infidelity. There is no reason to believe that this one isn’t.


Trump’s affairs are always with models. He has bragged about it after the fact. That’s the kind of man he is. The only reason he isn’t bragging about it right now is that he’s the president, and he doesn’t want to jeopardize that power.

Right now, it is better for the affair to be a loudly-shouted whisper that makes him seem desirable, and also makes his male base continue to think he’s awesome. He’s a pig, but he plays to his audience. He knows how to keep them in. This makes him powerful, yet very human, and his fans love it.

If you can’t see that, despite having watched the guy for the last few years and also decades, then you aren’t really much of an analyst.


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