Internet Erupts As Wonder Woman's Gal Gadot Posts The Most Insensitive Comment Ever!!!

Wow. Just… wow.

I hope Gal Gadot has some good PR folks to get her out of the public nightmare she’s jumped headlong into. The Wonder Woman actress is currently under fire for a social media post that many have deemed offensive and insensitive.


Here is the offensive post.

“You’re now free of any physical constraints,” Gadot says, clearly implying that people who have any sort of disability are otherwise inhibited from being successful innovators in the field of science, or any field whatsoever.

One member of the #Resistance could not let this offense slide by without calling the celebrity out on the insensitivity of her comments.

Zimmerman’s tweet wasn’t the only one to call the heroine out. USA Today, covering the scandal, shared several more tweets and explained the issue.

Hawking did not believe his disability prevented him from work, in fact, he said it may have helped him.

“My disabilities have not been a significant handicap in my field, which is theoretical physics,” Hawking wrote in a 1984 article for Science Digest. “Indeed, they have helped me in a way by shielding me from lecturing and administrative work that I would otherwise have been involved in.”


I am personally calling on Gal Gadot to delete the tweet and issue a statement saying that she regrets her anti-corporealist rhetoric and state that she believes it is not just ghosts whose brilliance and wisdom should be cherished, but all people no matter whether or not they even have a body to explore the cosmos with and no matter whether or not that body is confined to a wheelchair or any other device (artificial intelligence?).

No? Okay, fine. Sarcasm off. This incident does say a lot about the left. Brandon goes into great detail in his article, SJW Anger at Gal Gadot’s Tweet on Stephen Hawking’s Death Exposes a Disturbing Fact About Them. You should seriously read it.


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