BREAKING: Trump Delays Wildly Unpopular Tariff Scheme

On the heels of losing an economic adviser and the support of just about every Republican in Congress, President Donald Trump has reportedly decided to delay implementing the tariffs that have shaken up his administration.


This could be a signal that Trump is caving to pressure from the entire country. Just last night, new reports came out saying that Trump would exclude Mexico and Canada from the tariffs in an effort to work out a better deal on NAFTA.

The problem with this plan is that it gives the United States no leverage in an actual negotiation, and instead gives up power, which runs counter to Trump’s philosophy as President so far. Rather, it looks more like the Trump administration is testing various options to see where public opinion goes.

It appears now, however, that he is simply delaying the plan until further notice. Whether or not it’s a permanent delay is hard to say, but considering how badly Trump wants tariffs, it is simply a matter of time before he tries again.

Or is it?


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