Collusion Witch Hunt: CNN Ambushes Woman Over Russia-Coordinated Event


That CNN as a company would be dead-set on proving the Russians were involved in electing Donald Trump is nothing new. However, the depths to which some of their reporting has gone is at times not only unbearable but wholly inappropriate.


For example, they have sought out Trump supporters in an effort to convince them they were being controlled by Russians all along.

There is no reason to post this video except to try and shame this woman, and the reporter very clearly is trying to browbeat her into either admitting she was working with the Russians or making herself look like a fool.

But the woman is an American, and she is a Trump supporter. She says that the meetings she organized were filled with people who, like her, were Americans and Trump supporters.

Was Russia trying to reach out to pro-Trump groups and trying to promote pro-Trump rallies? Yeah. But, they were also organizing anti-Trump rallies – ones that CNN, among other networks, were actively covering.

The protesters largely espoused standard left-wing rhetoric on racism and sexism, chanting “Black Lives Matter!” and saying “We reject the President-elect.”

Video of the protest pulled by Newsbusters shows MSNBC’s Morgan Radford saying that it was a “legitimate concern” of protesters that “black people will be shot in the street.”

CNN reporter Brynn Gingras covered the protest by saying that it was “a message to Donald Trump that they will not tolerate a campaign that he ran on, a campaign they say [was] fueled by hate.”


Don’t just take the Daily Caller’s or Newsbusters’ words for it. It’s in Robert Mueller’s indictment.

At the same time, Defendants and their co-conspirators, through another ORGANIZATION-controlled group, organized a rally in New York called ‘Trump is NOT my President’ held on or about November 12, 2016. Similarly, Defendants and their co-conspirators organized a rally entitled ‘Charlotte Against Trump’ in Charlotte, North Carolina, held on or about November 19, 2016.

So, CNN is downplaying its own role in promoting Russian-organized events, but will actively go out and harass a woman over one she was tied to? That’s just not right, and CNN should be ashamed.


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