The Destruction of The United States of America Is Almost Complete!

Ladies and gentlemen, hold your families close, because if we even make it to Christmas, it’s bound to be our last.

The Republican Party is systematically tearing down the country brick by brick and this week could finally be the one that breaks the country completely.


It is bad enough that the Republicans tried to take away healthcare from millions of people by not forcing them to buy it. Thank God they failed there, but they apparently didn’t think that was enough.

They took away net neutrality, which was enforced to solve a problem that didn’t exist, and decided to give it back to the free market rather than keep it under the control of the executive branch, where it could safely be in Donald Trump’s capable, though very tiny hands.

That should have been enough, but they were out for more blood. Despite the fact that the Republicans were warned that ending net neutrality would kill millions, enslave the LGBT community, and do untold damage to the remaining minority communities, they ended it and they still sought more.

This brings us to the tax reform package.

It looks like there will be a vote on Tuesday to get the conference committee’s bill through the legislative branch and quickly bring it to Trump’s desk. This bill, if passed, is set to do incredible damage to the American way of life.

For starters, thanks to heartless robot Marco Rubio, people will be able to receive bigger tax credits for having more kids. Do you know what that means? It’s a bigger incentive to have more children. In a world that Republicans are apparently trying to destroy, it is morally reprehensible to willingly bring children into it just to save a bit on your tax note.


What’s worse, however, is that there are cuts to business tax bills, meaning that some major companies could move back to American soil, and bring their big corporate dollars with them. More business here means more opportunities for major corporations to pollute our earth and create jobs for Americans. That means more people going to work, and their cars will only exacerbate the pollution problem.

On top of all that, this bill repeals the individual mandate, so millions of people will die by not being forced to buy insurance, just like the GOP really intended all along.

The Republicans have to be stopped. I think. Because according to Twitter, all of this stuff is not cool, and the Republicans are monsters.


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