WATCH: Donald Trump BLASTS "Fake News" CNN for Debunked Email Story

President Donald Trump, while speaking at a rally in Pensacola, took aim at his longtime media nemesis, CNN, with a jab at the major (non?) story of the day involving Donald Trump Jr. and an email he received from Wikileaks.


CNN’s original story claimed that Trump Jr. received an email on September 4th with a code to access the material Wikileaks had managed to steal from the DNC. The problem? Looking at the actual email revealed that he didn’t receive the email until September 14th – one day after the documents were released publicly.

On top of that, there was no evidence showing Trump Jr. even opened the email, making the implications of the story speculative at best.

Trump apparently kept up with the news enough today to know that the story wasn’t all it was cracked up to be. He also made some pointed remarks about ABC News’ Brian Ross and his blown story as well.

Trump has no shortage of targets when he attends rallies and posts tweets. He’s able to keep his fan base happy as a result, and the cheers keep going.


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