Wow. WaPo Posts Unedited Clip of O'Keefe and It Is Embarrassing ... For Him (WATCH)

In response to conservative “guerilla journalist” and Internet provocateur James O’Keefe releasing a video containing parts of an interview with a Washington Post reporter, the Post countered by releasing the full, unedited video for people to make their own judgments.


An analyst at the Decision Desk HQ and friend of RedState Jeff Blehar posted both the Post’s video and O’Keefe’s.

Blehar’s critique of O’Keefe mirrors similar critiques that were amplified yesterday and this morning after the Post revealed that one of O’Keefe’s people tried to trick them into running a fake story about Roy Moore.


The scam involved a fake “victim” of Moore who claimed to have gotten pregnant by Moore when she was fifteen and subsequently had an abortion. However, the Post smelled something fishy and followed the woman back to the Project Veritas office after an interview.

The Post then published the account in full.

O’Keefe has since claimed that he had damaging material on the Post, but the video above, when compared to the full video from the Post, does little more than seem like a desperate attempt at damage control.


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