Surprisingly, No One Is Asking Hillary Clinton for 2020 Campaign Advice

Hillary Clinton is really bored right now. So bored that she apparently agreed to an interview on Salem Radio host Hugh Hewitt’s show. The interview is pleasant enough, it seems, as AP White House reporter Zeke Miller gives us the play-by-play.


She still seems a little bitter about the fact that electronic mail seems to have been her undoing in some way or another.

However, there is one hilarious moment that we should all take in and enjoy.

Yeah. No @#$%.

What on earth kind of advice could Hillary Clinton really give anyone? She had the race in hand. She used well-placed allies to give her an edge in the primary. She faced down a man who was entirely unfit for the presidency and was a buffoon at every step. He was mired in sexual harassment and assault accusations. He had no clue what he was talking about at least half of the time.


And she lost.

No one wants Clinton anywhere near politics ever again. The young Democrats are tired of her. The old Democrats are hoping she takes the hint. Everyone is wishing she’d lay low and stop trying to rehabilitate her image.

But, she won’t. Clinton is trying to feed off any lingering sympathy, wanting any excuse to remain active. She is clearly not taking the hint.

She is responsible for everything happening right now, and the Democrats know it. The best advice anyone can give to a 2020 candidate is to ask them to look at her campaign and do the opposite.

Please, Hillary Clinton, just go.


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