Democrats Bring Alec Baldwin's Trump On Campaign Trail. Sad!

It is really no secret that the Democrats are really losing all coherency when it comes to Donald Trump.

Sure, we here at RedState are critical of the President, but that is really nothing new. Being critical of Republicans is something we’ve been doing for years, but we always do it with substance. From our perspective, the standards of conservatism that we have always embraced are the most important factor in rendering judgment on a politician.


But, the Democrats? Many of them have been reduced to the mentality of children throwing a tantrum, declaring that the world is unfair and unjust simply because they did not get their way.

What happens when you have children who are prone to fits, then? You have to find some way to entertain them. And, so, the Democratic Party is using an overpaid clown to keep the masses calm.

The actor whose biting portrayal of President Donald Trump has helped reenergize “Saturday Night Live” is emerging as a popular choice for candidates and state parties searching for new luster in the midst of a Democratic power vacuum.

The long-time Democratic donor is the featured speaker next month at an Iowa state party dinner that is traditionally a proving ground for future presidential candidates. Over the weekend, Baldwin lent his name to the Virginia Democratic gubernatorial hopeful’s fundraising email.

That’s right, kids. Alec Baldwin could be coming to visit your town!

What a sad, sad state of affairs that Democrats as a party are relying on Baldwin to mollify their voters and keep them from going completely crazy… like supporting far-far-left candidates over moderates ones.


Which is totally what’s going to happen next. The Democratic base is going to overcorrect, and in reality, Baldwin helps them do so. They are going to go as far away politically from Trump as possible and find platoons of Bernie Sanders-like candidates and try to get them elected.

In California, that will work. In the mid-west or the rust belt? Not so much.


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